September 20, 2021

Dear Members,

We recognize that a number of our epee fencers have been impacted by Kornel leaving the club and moving to Massachusetts. This was a surprise to many of us and not a pleasant one at all. At this stage we have already spoken to Alexey and he is more than ready to welcome and coach any of Kornel’s students. Please consider reaching out to Alexey directly and he will definitely make time for you and make any needed adjustments to accommodate you.

In addition, we have prompted the coaches selection committee to begin a search for an additional experienced, competitive epee coach that has worked with fencers of all ages and levels that can easily team up and/or collaborate with Alexey. Our goal is not only to retain but to improve on our presently strong epee program. We have a great program with very strong nationally and internationally ranked fencers training at FC.

Please, if anyone has any suggestions as to possible experienced candidates we would welcome your input. You can speak directly with David Niu or Mallory Miller, as well as the coaches selection committee: Luisa Sanchez, Adam Rodney, Peter Westbrook, Philippe Bennett or Yuri Kurchin.

Thank you in advance for assisting in this search.


Philippe Bennett


(212) 807-6947 | info@fencersclub.org | www.fencersclub.org

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