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Dear Members and Friends,

It's a busy time for celebrations -- please join us!  

To honor all of our hardworking local farmers and producers, we invite you to Savor the San Juans courtesy of your local Cooperative.  Each week during the month of September, we will extend discounts on the best of what this county has to offer.  Keep your eyes and ears open as we will release each week's SALE in the newsletter, on our blackboard in the entry, and on our social media accounts.  

Week 4

This week we offer 10% off of Local Beverages:  Beer, Wine, Cider and Kombucha.

When you choose local, you choose a sustainable local economy.  Thank you for supporting all of our Island producers.

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Double your Produce Dollars  
to Support Local Farmers 

This month we want all of our Co-op members to join us in supporting our local farmers for all their hard work by taking advantage of the "Double Your Dollars" campaign. 

To all of our EBT/SNAP eligible customers:  When you shop at the Co-op, we will provide a 50% discount on all of your fresh fruits and vegetables -- up to $20 per visit. 

In the Store this Week
Sweet little fuzzless Anna kiwis at Mitchell Bay Farm



Aurora Farms:  arugula, dragon tongue beans and basil

Blue Moon:  red & yellow onion, leeks, green bell, sweet colored & Anaheim peppers, garlic and shallots

Dog Island:  shiitake mushrooms

Blue Moon leeks & parsley
The Farm@Roche Harbor:  bagged kale & patty pan squash

Federico Farm:  micro-greens, zucchini, delicata squash, sugar pie pumpkins

Forage Farmstead:  wilt and lettuce mixes, garlic

Horse Drawn:  cilantro, parsley,
purple potatoes, cabbage, golden
beets, and eggplant

Maple Rock cabbages

Landscape Farmer:  beefsteak tomatoes

Mama Bird:  greens and tomatoes

Maple Rock:   beets, cucumbers, spring onions

Mitchell Bay Farm:  Italian plums, Asian pears & hardy Anna kiwis

Nootka Rose:  cauliflower, carrots, lettuce mix, broccoli, gailon, napa cabbage, red, yukon gold and
fingerling potatoes, green beans,
Maple Rock beets
arugula and spinach, purple bell peppers

Old Copper Farm:  garlic, kale, broccoli

Pear Point Farm:  strawberries and "candy corn" pumpkins

Snowberry Farm:  Orcas Pears

Sweet Earth:  cherry tomatoes, padron peppers, Macintosh, Jonathan & Spartan apples, Flemish
Beauty pears & delicata squash

Zach Chan:   jalapeƱo, poblano & Italian peppers, kale, head & romaine lettuce, chard, eggplant and a variety of bell peppers


Andersen Organics, Othello, WA:  acorn squash
Tomatillos from Hima Farms

All Seasons, Langley, BC: Crimini Mushrooms

Maria Dennis, Orondo, WA:  Bartlett pears,
Flavor King pluots

Hedlin Farms, LaConner, WA:  snap peas

Hima Farms, Everett, WA:  tomatillos

Lakeside Organics, various farms & parcels in CA:  brussels sprouts & carrot bunches

Osprey Hill, Acme, WA:  collard greens & fennel bulbs
Shiitakes from Top Hat Mushrooms

Ralph's Greenhouse, Mt. Vernon: 
carrots, green curly kale

Top Hat, Salem & Scio, OR:  shiitake mushrooms

Vertical Foods, many company farms in CA:  Black Mission figs




Just in from Jeremy:  Dry Marionberry Cider from Madrone Cider, producing right here in Friday Harbor!  This new batch is lean and effervescent, with a lovely berry aroma and color, but without the overwhelming sweetness that some producers seem to feel the need to add.

New -- a little something something  
for everyone:

Meyenberg 8oz Goat Butter

Yves Veggie Breakfast Patties  (meat cooler, right)

Miyoko's Vegan Cream Cheese

Miyoko's Farmhouse Sharp Vegan cheese

Flax 4 Life gluten-free Wild Blueberry muffins (on the shelf by cookies)

The Real Coconut -- Coconut Flour Tortillas  (in the freezer)


GT's Cosmic Cranberry Kombucha

Temporary Pause

Barn Owl will be closing for the first week of October, so we're ordering a bit extra bread for this week. You might want to buy an extra and put it in the freezer so you'll have some for next week.
You can visit the charming little Barn Owl Bakery this Saturday, Sept. 29, if you attend the Lopez Island Farm Tours. Barn Owl is at Midnight's Farm and will be open 11 - 3, with "nibbles"!

Sales  -- 25% off

All seeds are now 25% off

Azure Market Rye Berries/Grain

Late Blight on Tomatoes

Oh dear -- it's that time of year again, when late blight can destroy your tomato crop in just a matter of hours.  Has it ever happened to you?  So far (fingers crossed) it has only happened in my garden once, and that was before I got diligent about putting up my low tunnels before the rains started.  If you can keep the vines from staying damp for more than a day you have a good chance of avoiding the blight.  It's a fungal-like pathogen that goes by the name Phytophthora infestans.  It's actually the blight that caused the Irish potato famine and is more often seen in potatoes than in tomatoes.  But since both are members of the nightshade family, tomatoes are susceptible too.  

I've been reading information from the Cornell University Extension site, which is a good one for all plant related subjects.  They say late blight can affect your tomato plants even when grown in a greenhouse or high tunnel; it only needs humidity to thrive.  I guess my method of keeping the tomato vines outside when it's dry and covering when the rain is continuous enough to keep the plants moist for more than a day or so works for me (as long as I'm sure I get them covered before they get wet), this year I raced home from town to get them protected -- kept just ahead of the rain!  

Unless you are prepared to use fungicides there really isn't anything you can do once the blight takes hold.  If it happens you might just as well pull the plants out and throw them away.  I've heard that you shouldn't compost them, but the article I'm consulting from Cornell says you can.  Probably best to put them in the trash though, and it's a heads up to definitely rotate your nightshades every year.  I keep my nightshades on a three year rotation.  I can't do that in the hoop house and it's a constant area of concern for me.  Nothing bad has happened yet, but I worry.  

I know this isn't a cheery topic like making chiles rellenos was last week, but it's what's on my mind.  I'm pulling for everyone to avoid the blight!  Here's a link to the Cornell University site I've been consulting; it's very informative: 

Starting on the stems

These are some photos from the same site.

More on the stems

On the leaves

It affects the fruits too.

Sad results

-- Alice Deane    

National Co-op Month

Thursday, October 4th, we will be celebrating National Co-op Month with an open house. Our other local co-ops, OPALCO and the Orcas Co-op, will also hold receptions that day.

Co-op Month has been an annual celebration in the month of October since 1968. It's a month of reflection and education on the values of being part of a cooperative business, and to celebrate, we will have a few local vendors in the store demonstrating their products and offering samples for shoppers to try.

Our Co-op carried this banner in the 2015 Fall Farm Parade.

Annual Farm Parade

The Friday Harbor Fall Farm Parade is coming up on October 6th, and we are seeking volunteers to represent the Co-op by marching or riding with our float in the parade. The parade will depart from the county fairgrounds at 2:30 pm, make its way through town, and end at the Grange Hall for an after-parade celebration.


If you are interested and available to participate please contact Sarah at or 360-370-5170.

First Annual Fall Fling

Membership Appreciation and Seasonal Celebration
at Bakery San Juan
Thursday, October 11th 5:30 pm

Join our Co-op at Bakery San Juan for a night of complimentary pizza as we say thank you to our members, volunteers, and staff, and celebrate the abundance of the season!
All are welcome. We hope to see you there!

D isaster Preparedness  

Our County Council's proclamation of September 2018 as National Preparedness Month concludes:

"We urge our fellow citizens to make sure that you and your family are prepared for at least two weeks and have taken steps to understand and prepare for the risks they face."

"Individual preparedness is the first step to being ready for a natural disaster. If you're doing nothing to prepare, it means you're counting on others to take care of you."

It's September, National Preparedness Month, and if you are continuing your preparations following the Department of Emergency Management's yearlong calendars beginning in January, this is your ninth month. Here's what to add to your emergency supplies and what to do this month:


Extra batteries for flashlights, radio, and hearing aids (if needed)
Duct tape
Add an additional 2 days of water to your supply per person & pet
Large bag of rice (10lb+). Check periodically for spoilage.


Follow up on efforts to organize your neighborhood.
Conduct an earthquake drill at home: stop drop & hold, then go outside. Think tsunami.
Replace prescription medicines as required by expiration dates.
Starting Now?

If this is your first month, find DEM's three handouts at the Co-op:  

1. 12 month Household Preparation Calendar
2. Neighborhood Preparation Calendar
3. Immediate Response -- "Disaster! Now what?"

Temporary help needed to receive UNFI delivery
UNFI Truck
The co-op needs a couple of
people Tuesday afternoon this week to help Bethery with receiving the big weekly UNFI order while regular volunteers are away.   
It's  a 1-2 hour commitment  tomorrow around 12:30 pm when the truck arrives. Volunteers will help stock the order on the shelves & in the coolers.  
Annual Farm Parade
Join your Co-op friends and staff to march in the Annual Fall Farm Parade Saturday, October 6. This parade is lots of fun and it's so short you probably won't get very wet even if it rains! 
To participate, please contact Sarah at  
or 360-370-5170. 
Shopkeeper Openings:
Monday 12-2
Tuesday 10-12, 12-2
Thursday 10-12, 2-4
Friday 10-12, 2-4
Saturday 2-4  
Sunday 2-4 
Other Opportunities: 
We are also looking for volunteers for the following:  
  • Produce department
  • Meat/cheese department 
  • Help with farmers markets and other
Volunteer Benefit:

Volunteers earn co-op cash to spend in the store at the rate of $4.60 for every two hours of work. Any hours worked within the quarter will count towards co-op cash. All cash earned during the quarter is to be used during the following quarter, with transactions recorded at the check stand.

Contact Information:

If you would like to volunteer, please email Sarah at the co-op with "VOLUNTEER" in the subject line:

Or phone the co-op at  360-370-5170.  You can also leave a message with the cashier.  

Thank you!       
 -- Sarah  

Information about special ordering
Special Ordering is a Member Benefit. Save on items you use often--bathroom tissue, pet food, canned goods, pasta, bulk beans, and even chill or frozen items. The markup on member special orders is 20% over wholesale for taxable and non-taxable items. You can request a special order information sheet at the store or via email:



UNFI orders are every week.
Order deadline is Midnight Saturday
Pickup: after 3pm on Tuesday
Please be prompt for chill and frozen items.

Azure Standard orders are every other week.
Current order in transit: Pickup September 21
Next order deadline:  Midnight September 29
Pickup:   After 10am Friday October 5


Mama Bird salad greens, Zach's Fresh Sheet, Federico Farms, The Farm at Roche Harbor, Organically Grown Company (OGC).

Daytime :  Blue Moon Farm, Mama Bird tomatoes, Horse Drawn Farm, Barn Owl Bakery, UNFI, Coffelt Farm Raw Milk. 
Evening:  Jim's Jerseys and Old Silvana Raw Milk, Samish Bay Cheese, Puget Sound Food Hub.

Maple Rock Farm, Sweet Earth Farm, Fresh Breeze Milk, Lopez    Island Creamery, Grace Harbor Farms,  

Daytim e:  Aurora Farms, Local Goods, Mama Bird salad greens, Nootka Rose Farm, Federico Farms, Forage Farmstead.  
Late afternoon  Fairhaven Mills, Pablito's Salsa, Jack Mountain Meats & Acme Cheeses,  5b's Gluten Free Bakery , Organically Grown Company (OGC).

Daytime : Barn Owl Bakery, Coffelt Farm Raw Milk.  
:  Puget Sound Food Hub, Bakery San Juan, etc.

Sweet Earth Farm, Sunnyfield Farm on Lopez, Twin Brook Milk, Maple Rock Farm on Orcas.

Blue Moon Farm, Waldron Island.


Monday - Friday: 10 - 7       //      Saturday & Sunday: 10 - 5
Phone:  360-370-5170


Monthly Meetings

October 15, November 19, December 17
Heritage Bank meeting room at 6:30 pm.
All members are welcome to attend meetings.

Any member is welcome to speak at the beginning of Board meetings.  Please contact the Chair or any Board member at about the topic of interest, with the understanding that due to the amount of business the Board has to attend to, brevity is appreciated.


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