"Sunblock 5000" Oolong Gallery

Closing event 10-28 | Friday evening 6-9pm

Sound performance, records, costume prize


349 N Coast Hway 101 Solana Beach CA 92075

@oolongallery | info@oolongallery.com


-> online viewing room, press

Instagram Video Trailer to Sunblock 5000

upcoming Nov 5th reception 4-7pm | opens at noon

 Oolong Gallery is pleased to present our third and final group show of the six month launch starting last June. Rivers & Mountains appropriates the historic 1962 poetry book by John Ashbery not only for its cover by Michael Peters, but also to emphasize poetic boldness, nature, and lines running through the show. Oolong has exhibited a range in art mediums, styles, and content but puts the non-linear reception to art first over politic and market values. What better form to shine light on than contemporary art photography itself, universally discounted as secondary work to painting (but don’t miss Tillmans at MOMA right now). Rivers and Mountains is essentially an earth inspired photo and sculpture show, with some masterful digressions into relief work, collage, and an addendum of smaller paintings from southern Chile near Patagonia.

artists are:


Anna Garner, Elisabet Davidsdottir, David Benjamin Sherry, Marc Grubstein, Michael Lundgren 


Lindsey Nobel, Matthew Taylor Williams, Pat O’Neill (yes that legendary Pat)

Reliefs & collage: Erin Morrison

Video, metal prints, & projection mapped sculpture in Dec: Dev Harlan 

Addendum of naturalist photo inspired paintings: Brian Kauppi

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