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Winter Yacht Newsletter

January 2024

The Biggest Upcoming Deliveries from Every Country in 2024

With nearly 700 yachts awaiting delivery, the superyacht industry is forging ahead into an exciting new year. BOAT looks toward the biggest contributions from around the world – showcasing a variety of fan-favourite series, entirely new designs and even some country records to boot...

  1. Germany - Project Ali Baba
  2. The Netherlands - Feadship 821
  3. Spain - Freire NB-729
  4. Turkey - Bilgin 263
  5. Italy - Custom 78
  6. Greece - Golden Yachts 60M

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The 10 Best Superyacht Concepts of 2023

To stand out from the crowd, more and more superyacht buyers—many new to the market—are challenging designers to break molds, go extreme, and think way outside of the traditional box. And they’re doing it with head-spinning bow designs, huge windows, and much larger interior and exterior spaces.

They’re also trading traditional monohulls for big-volume catamarans and trimarans, taking inspiration from oddball places—an aircraft carrier or 1930s Hollywood-style automobile—and, at the same time, future-proofing them with new propulsion systems, including hydrogen fuel cells, solar power, and advanced battery power.

These 10 concepts, from a range of designers and studios, show that the future of superyacht design has never been more exciting—if at times a little bizarre.

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Yachting at COP28

After days of difficult negotiations, a new deal has been agreed upon at the 28th Conference of Parties, (COP28) which, for the first time in history, calls on all countries to actively move away from fossil fuels. Simultaneously, there were many other panels and discussions on topics related to preventing climate change. Among these were some relevant to the superyacht industry.

The annual conference, held this year by the UN in Dubai from the 9th to the 12th of December, brings together governments and other organisations to discuss progress made and agreements reached regarding commitments to prevent climate change. It was at COP21 that the Paris climate agreement was signed.

Sunreef Yachts, a manufacturer of multihull superyachts, including models that incorporate a variety of eco-solutions such as solar panels and electric propulsion, joined a discussion panel on making the energy transition tangible. Later in the week, they presented “Responsible Yachting Today & Tomorrow.” The latter explored currently available environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional power sources, internal and external finishes, and carefully managing systems onboard during operation. Expected trends we can expect to see in the future were also discussed, including novel technologies such as plant-based composites and photovoltaic cell developments.

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The Biggest News Stories That Shapes the Yachting Industry in 2023

2023 was a busy year for the yachting sector, with new launches sailing out of the construction sheds and innovations in the path towards more sustainable yachting really taking shape this year. BOAT looks back at the top news stories you may have missed...

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Sustainability Highlights of 2023

Sustainability is a hot topic within the superyacht industry, with more and more people looking to own a superyacht that is not just aesthetically eye-catching and technically advanced, but as eco-friendly as possible. Each year, sustainability features become more and more impressive, and 2023 has seen some incredible sustainable designs, of which we take a look at five of the highlights.

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Greek Government Launches New E-Charter Permission Application for Yachts

The Greek government has announced that the "e-Charter Permission Application" for sea voyages, commercial operations, private use, international travel, and empty voyages is now being processed electronically.

Vessels floating in Greek waters are required to possess the e-Charter Permission document and must have it in digital or printed form.

The e-Charter Permission Application is applicable to professional pleasure boats over 35 metres (114 foot), with a license duration of a maximum of 28 days.

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Seasonal Sailing: Discover the Best Times and Destinations for Yacht Chartering

Yacht chartering is not just a way to travel; it's an experience that changes with the seasons and destinations. Imagine sailing along the stunning coastlines, where each turn brings a new adventure and every season offers a unique charm. Whether it's the warm embrace of the Mediterranean sun or the exotic allure of Southeast Asian waters, the time of year you choose to set sail dramatically shapes your journey.

In spring and summer, the Mediterranean, with its enchanting Greek Islands, the vibrant Turkish coast, and the glamorous French Riviera, becomes a paradise for sailors. The Caribbean, too, with its crystal-clear waters and lively culture, is a top choice for many. These months bring longer days, warmer weather, and a chance to immerse in the bustling local life and festivities.

As the year progresses, the allure of yacht chartering doesn't wane but shifts to new horizons. Autumn and winter are the perfect times to explore the serene beauty of Southeast Asia or the diverse landscapes of the Southern Hemisphere. Places like Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand offer ideal sailing conditions and a chance to escape the cold of the northern hemisphere. This period provides a unique perspective on yacht chartering, with different weather patterns, quieter marinas, and the opportunity to uncover less-traveled paths.

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