February|March 2023

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This e-newsletter offers valuable resources for obstetricians, pediatricians, and nurses by sharing links to recent research focused on enhancing compre-hension and assistance for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder.

By providing access to cutting-edge research, this e-newsletter aims to empower healthcare professionals in their work with patients on the autism spectrum. Ultimately, it strives to improve the quality of care and support for both children and adults diagnosed with this condition. Please feel free to send us your comments and feedback email us


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Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D. and Lenny Schafer

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Risks, Prevalence, Diagnosis

Exposure to local, source-specific ambient air pollution during pregnancy and autism in children: a cohort study from southern Sweden

[Article appeared in Scientific Reports]


Hearing test data could lead to earlier autism diagnosis

[Article appeared in PNAS Nexus]


Progress and Challenges in Predicting Autism in Infants

[Article appeared in Neurology]

Health-Related Issues

Abnormally low autoantibody activity significantly associated with autism severity

[Article appeared in Biomedicines]


Children with autism and ADHD often have additional mental health conditions

[Article appeared in Autism Research]


New research could help explain how sense of smell is impacted in individuals with autism

[Article appeared in Nature Communications]


Review finds association between autism, cardiometabolic diseases

[Article appeared in JAMA Pediatrics]


Reducing Insomnia in Autistic Adults

[Article appeared in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapy]


Psychiatry training in autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability: Ongoing gaps and emerging opportunities

[Article appeared in Autism]

Other Issues

Adolescence internalizing problems as a mediator between autism diagnosis in childhood and quality of life in emerging adults with and without autism: a 10-year longitudinal study

[Article appeared in BMC Psychiatry]


Autistic individuals may look to video games as a way to cope with negative affect and autistic burnout

[Article appeared in Computers in Human Behavior]

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