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Happy 2021 to all!

We are still living in extremely challenging times, with the pandemic numbers high, social and political unrest higher and more blatant and polarized than most of us have ever witnessed in our lifetimes, widespread economic distress, the list goes on... and no easy solutions to any of it.

The nature and complexity of such challenges force us all to work on our resilience, adaptability, and ability to come together, despite circumstances where, much of the time, we can't literally come together safely.

But here we are. And the clinic is OPEN and here to help you manage your stress, build your immune system, and attend to your mind and body's needs.

Plus we have some good news to share!! We received one of state's grants for small businesses, targeted to those hardest hit by the pandemic. This is a huge relief and should help us to weather the next couple of months.

In addition, acupuncturists have been named in the end of Phase One of COVID-19 Vaccine eligibility; we are grateful and hope to receive the vaccine sometime in February, as long as the distribution keeps rolling out as planned.

Here is a link with some useful information about the vaccine, from the Mayo Clinic - Get the Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines.

Also, a reminder to us all that it is the second shot of these two-shot vaccines that gives up to 95% protection against getting sick from the virus, and that it takes a couple of weeks after receiving the vaccine for your immune system to build up that immunity. So we are getting there, but we must remain strong and vigilant.

The Science of Happiness - Anne Louise shares information about a free online course she discovered, breaking down the key components to achieving a sense of well-being and happiness, based on research and now taken by millions of people.

We want to remind you about our CBD products available at the clinic - these have been very popular, and we are happy to keep them in supply for you. These are third-party lab tested, top quality products, at a great price.

On a personal note, thank you so much for your kind thoughts, words, and messages I received regarding my family's recent loss. It is very much appreciated, and in line with some of the key points noted below in the article.

We are not alone in our struggles, ever. A kind word makes a huge difference. Each moment is precious. Sharing it with others makes it even more so.

With Gratitude,

The Science of Happiness

Anne Louise Smallen, Lic. Ac.

At the end of 2020, I came across an article about Laura Santos, a professor from Yale University, who created a class a few years ago called The Science of Happiness. This class summarizes all the research done in positive psychology to know how to create and maintain a state of happiness. The need at Yale was so great that more than 1,000 students registered for the class for the first semester. 

In fact, this class is the most popular class in the whole history of Yale!

Due to the high demand, the university offered it for free to anyone who wished to take it through Coursera. The class is now called: The Science of Well-Being. 

Here is the link if you are interested in taking it for free:  

During the pandemic, the class multiplied its number of students eight times. More than 3 millions people have taken it. This 8 week online class (which you can take at any time convenient for you) looks at common skills that happy people develop and provides exercises to help students develop these skills. 
Here are a few points that happy people have in common:
They are social: They make efforts to connect regularly with people they care about. Connections increase happiness even connections with strangers increase our sense of well-being.

They are grateful: They stop to appreciate what is good in their life and review their blessings on a regular basis. This practice reduces cortisol, stress and anxiety and increases the length of a pleasurable moment.

They live in the moment: They focus on the here and now and less on the difficulties of the past and the fears for the future. Make a point to notice the smells, taste, beauty and harmony of your surroundings. Notice the pleasurable things in your life. Meditation increases this capacity.

They rest and move: They protect the quality of their sleep with good habits. You can do the same by banning electronics from the bedroom. Read a book instead. Create pre-sleep rituals. Exercise every day; the calming effect of exercise can last up to 12 hours after we stop and they decrease stress and anxiety and help you sleep.

They are kind: When feeling down, many people turn inward. It is counter intuitive as in fact, doing things for other people brings one of the greatest forms of happiness. Donate your time and money to charity, do small acts of kindness for others. Check with struggling friends. But also learn to be kind to yourself. Drop the inner master sergeant who makes you feel like a failure. Talk to yourself as a caring and loving friend. It is one of the best ways to implement change in your life when change is needed.

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