January 2019
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Anonymous Donors Donate $25K and $10K to Clinic Campaign
Over the holidays, the Foundation was pleased to receive two generous anonymous donations. We are very thankful for the community's support of this project and look forward to continuing to raise funds.
Provider Social Live Auction
Every year the Great Falls Clinic hosts a Provider Holiday Social to bring together providers at the Great Falls Clinic as well as community providers. At this year's social, the Foundation hosted a mini live-auction. The Foundation was in receipt of several incredible donation items for the live auction. The Foundation successfully raised over $33,000 from this small fundraiser event.

We would like to especially thank our donors for this event, including Dr. Karl Guter, Dr. Thomas Warr, Dr. Kelly Underhill, Dave Crossley, Drs. Bob and Nancy Maynard, Dr. Robert and Ardi McClure, Dr. Jorge Castriz, Dr. Robert and Lori Henderson, Dr. David Kluge, Dr. Nick and Deb Bonfilio, John Crysel, Crystal and Darren Bahnson, and the Great Falls Clinic.
Call for Leadership Cabinet Volunteers
We are looking to add members to our Leadership Cabinet to help us successfully finish the campaign and reach our goal. The Leadership Cabinet meets two times per month on the second and fourth Tuesday at noon. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in actively getting involved with the Building Hope Capital Campaign efforts and are familiar with fundraising and the community.

To learn more, please contact Samantha at 406-771-3107 or email samantha.shinaberger@gfclinic.com.
Cancer Diagnosis Testimonial by Ronnie Martin
My name is Ronnie Martin. I was diagnosed with childhood cancer when I was six years old. Cancer has a way of flipping your life upside down, especially if you have to travel to receive treatment. I spent much of my first grade year in Seattle, WA where I had surgery and chemotherapy. When you’re a small child going through this, it sure is scary, but this whole ordeal impacted my parents and sister 10 times more. They too have to stop their own lives and watch someone they love go through one of the most painful times of their lives. 
The silver lining to this story is that we had wonderful family in Seattle who let us stay with them for my initial treatment, but also all the trips back for check-ups. It was one major detail my parents didn’t have to think about. They could focus on helping their little girl beat this thing. 
Now I’m 29 years old, and ironically, live in Seattle. I’m a healthy, happy person who looks back on that time with mixed feelings. My poor family still has a hard time talking about it. But me? I think it changed me for the better. Losing your hair, having scars, and fighting for your life changes you. It makes you more grateful for your time on this earth and more compassionate to those around you. So it’s sort of crazy to say, but there’s a very small piece of me that’s thankful for the perspective it gave me. Life has a way of teaching you things like that, doesn’t it? 
From Ronnie's mother: For families that have to stay away from home during care and treatment—it is a true hardship. Rural Montanan’s are all too aware of traveling long distances for healthcare. Initially, travel to large medical centers like Seattle (which has housing) is necessary and then, patients and families often come back to places like Great Falls to finish treatment and follow up. if people don’t have families to stay with, they are dependent on housing like the Legacy Housing that Great Falls Clinic is building.
Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation housing isn’t home but it is close. One thing my sister said when she was trying to cope with a child with cancer—I just wanted my life back—I wanted to be a normal family again. 
Paver Naming Opportunities Available
Create a Lasting Tribute

The Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation now has three (3) different size pavers available within the future patient housing facility (as shown to the left).

Honor your loved ones and friends with a commemorative paver at the new facility.

Please help support the new project by memorializing a special loved one or a friend with a commemorative paver prominently displayed within the facility. Your personal inscription will forever be commemorated in the new facility.

Each paver is durable and engraved with your message. The cost is $1,000 for a 12" x 12" size (SOLD OUT), $750 for an 8" x 8" size and $500 for a 4" x 8" size paver. Pavers will be placed in visible locations and be of a material consistent with the decor and architecture of the new facility.

For more information or to reserve a paver, please call Samantha at 406-771-3107 or email samantha.shinaberger@gfclinic.com.

Or you can complete the paver form online at www.gfclegacy.org/donate .
Current Campaign Status Update
The Great Falls Clinic Legacy Foundation "Building Hope" Campaign surpassed the $1.66M mark in December and we are moving right along. Our capital campaign goal is $2.4M and we hope to break ground in 2019 on the proposed facility.

If you are interested in donating or volunteering for the Foundation, please call 406-771-3107 or email samantha.shinaberger@gfclinic.com.
November and December 2018 Donors
Here we recognize our donors for each month in the following month's newsletter. Below is a list of donor names that donated to our Foundation last month(s):

  • Anderson Family Pharmacy
  • Charles Bethke
  • Dr. Nick and Deb Bonfilio
  • Carol Bradley
  • Dennis and Marion Brown
  • David and Jennifer Cantley
  • Gladys Carnahan
  • Gail Carter
  • Eric and Pamela Chigbrow
  • Dr. Barry and Melanie Cohan
  • James and Frances Combs
  • David Crossley
  • James and Debra Filipowicz
  • General Distributing Co.
  • Dr. Karl Guter
  • Susan Hall
  • C. Hansen
  • Dr. Sherry Hong
  • Justine Jam
  • Cherie and Donald Johnson
  • Ronald and Deborah Keely
  • Robert and Sheila Kelly
  • Dr. David Kluge
  • Dr. Phillip and Janel Krezowski
  • Stephen L'Heureux
  • Dr. Richard and Lorena Lauritzen
  • John and Marcia Leaf
  • LPW Architecture
  • Drs. Bob and Nancy Maynard
  • Dr. Robert and Ardi McClure
  • Millie Smith & Associates, LLC
  • National Laundry
  • Stu and Janie Nicholson
  • Pacific Steel & Recycling
  • John and Gerianne Poulsen
  • Dr. Mark Seal and Christine Ludlum
  • TC Glass
  • David and Nicole Tomlinson
  • Treasure State Eyecare
  • Dr. Kelly Underhill
  • Raymond and Lynne Wahlert
  • Dr. Thomas Warr
  • Wells Fargo
  • Mark and Mary Willmarth
  • WMK & Co.
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