July 2023

TASC Clients Celebrate One-Year of Working at MB2

Pictured from left to right: Steven, Mike, and Marcel

Three of TASC's clients, Marcel, Steven and Mike are about to celebrate their one-year work anniversary at Santa Clarita's MB2 Entertainment, a seven-acre indoor/outdoor park spanning go-karts, bowling, an arcade, a restaurant, and more.

They have thrived in their roles as bus boys, janitorial staff and general assistants, showcasing their dedication and skills. Prior to joining MB2, these clients acquired valuable job skills through diverse experiences at Social Vocactional Services, Desert Haven, and DayStar Services by TASC. Equipped with this foundation, they quickly transitioned into their roles at MB2, effectively contributing to their workplace.

Marcel poses before starting his shift at MB2.

Jerrid, the manager at MB2, enthusiastically shared his positive experience of hiring employees with developmental disabilities. He celebrates Marcel, Steven and Mike as outstanding individuals who bring laughter, conversation and immense contribution to the workplace. Jerrid says these remarkable employees have seamlessly integrated into the MB2 team, requiring little direction in fulfilling their duties.

“They've been self-sufficient for pretty much a year," said Jerrid. "We don't have to direct them much, they come in and they do their job; they know what needs to get done.”

Jerrid firmly believes in the capabilities of our clients and encourages other employers to embrace inclusivity in their hiring practices. While acknowledging the clients' preferences for specific tasks and a structured schedule, he highlights the importance of clear communication and planning to ensure a successful working relationship.

The communication between Jerrid, the job coaches and our clients has been exceptional.

Appreciating the distinctive dynamics each client brings, Jerrid looks forward to having them as part of the team each week. Marcel, though quiet, is hailed as the most productive worker, while Steven dances to the rhythm of his own world, adding a touch of uniqueness to the workplace. Mike, the sociable and talkative individual, keeps everyone around him smiling.

Marcel and Mike set up tables and chairs for patrons of MB2.

Steven cleans the bar on the backyard patio.

Marcel in his favorite area, the arcade.

Additionally, job coaches at TASC make a significant difference in supporting our clients' journey towards success. Marcel, Steven and Mike have expressed their gratitude for their coach, Scott, who has instilled confidence and courage in them, ensuring they feel supported and empowered throughout their employment.

When asked to offer advice to fellow clients who may feel apprehensive about starting a job, Mike stressed the importance of taking it easy and drawing upon previous volunteer experiences. Marcel highlighted the pivotal role of coaches in dispelling fear and fostering bravery, while Steven candidly shared his initial nervousness, reassuring others that it eventually fades away.

The partnership between TASC and MB2 has not only created meaningful employment opportunities but has also empowered Marcel, Steven, and Mike to thrive in their respective roles. Their dedication, diverse skills, and the support from job coaches have been instrumental in their success. Their story serves as a testament to the potential within individuals with developmental disabilities and the immense value they bring to the workforce.

Pictured from left to right, Mark Steidl, TASC Employment Manager; Steven; Gillian, TASC Employment Coordinator; Mike; Marcel; Scott Humphreys, TASC Job Coach

Save the Date: September 30th!

We are hosting a new type of event on Saturday, September 30 at the Sanctuary in Santa Clarita. The overall day will include carnival-style games, a petting zoo, pumpkin carving, food for purchase, and more!

The highlight of the event is live music performed by our TASC clients and employees, along with outside performers and the TASC ASL Choir.

If you are interested in signing up to perform as either a client or employee, please click the button below and fill out the survey.


For more information on performing, vendor options, or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Susan Congdon at scongdon@taschq.com.

DayStar Celebrates the 4th of July

Clients and staff at DayStar, Services by TASC, beat the heat at Castaic Lake for their Independence Day celebration. The weather was ideal for swimming, and everyone had a blast in the water. With an all-American menu of hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, and chips, they enjoyed a delicious BBQ. Water guns and super soakers added extra fun to the day. For those who preferred a serene time, relaxing under the trees was the perfect escape from the sun. It was a joyous and inclusive celebration of independence and togetherness!

2022-2023 Home and Family Survey

Attention homes and families of our TASC clients! Our Annual Survey is now underway, aimed at gathering valuable feedback from all stakeholders regarding our service delivery. Your input is crucial in helping us enhance and evolve our services.

If you are a care provider or direct family member of one of our TASC clients, you are invited to complete the anonymous survey before July 31 by clicking the button below.

Thanks in advance for sharing your feedback!

Home and Family Survey

Upcoming Events

August 3

Mental Health Series:

Mental Health and Stigma

For more information, contact:

Maria Lugo

(213) 561-1824


August 16


Parents of Adult Consumers

Virtual support group for parents and caregivers of adult NLACRC consumers.

For more info, call 818-677-7063 or email family.focus@csun.edu

August 11


Program Event: Beach Day

There will be a beach day

celebration for clients at

Topanga Beach. Bring your

own lunch and there will be

snacks/drinks and activities.

Program Closures: 

TASC Day Programs and Offices will be closed on Monday, September 4, 2023

in observance of Labor Day.

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