Here's a refresher of our commitments during this season:

1) We are committed to caring for our staff: If our staff are not well, they won't be in a strong position to care for patients. By making them our initial priority, we are honoring the commitment they've made to us, and to you. We are monitoring the health of our staff and their immediate family in order to reduce the risk they pose when in our clinic.

2) We are committed to caring for essential eye care and vision needs: We have staff and doctors who are making themselves available to care for needs as they arise. If you have a vision need, reach out to determine if we can see you. We can accommodate most needs.

3) We are committed to adopting all reasonable precautions: We've always been dedicated to a high-level of hygiene here at ClearVue, and our track record for the past 16 years has been fantastic, thankfully so. Now, we've doubled down on our already stringent level of hygiene in light of the current situation. Here's an example of a few things we are doing and continue to do:
  • Cleaning all equipment (diagnostic, examination, and eye wear measuring devices) before each and every use.
  • Spacing out waiting areas and providing a "wait-in-your-car" option.
  • Cleaning all entry doorways, public counters, chairs, and dispensary desks throughout the day.
  • Closely monitoring the health of all who enter to ensure only those who are free from any cold and flu like symptoms are cared for in the office. This applies to our staff too.

If you have any questions about our hygiene and distancing measures, please call