Is now available and it's FREE

Designed for the
Surveying / Engineering / GIS Professional
and aspiring students.

CleanAscii-Pro, a FREE Windows program that performs the following functions:


1 - Compare two ASCII files to determine what is different between them. Handy for checking daily field data with a Master ASCII file.
2 - Convert between P,N,E,EL,D; P,N,E,D or P,N,E formats.
3 - Separate Alpha and Numeric point numbers
4 - Adjust Elevations
5 - Rotate Coordinates about 0,0 origin or a defined point number
6 - Scale Coordinates. Useful to convert from Grid to Ground or Ground to Grid via a Grid Adjustment Factor (a.k.a. combined factor)
7 - Translate Coordinates
8 - Renumber Points


Download fully functional program, no hidden fee's or popup advertisement. It really is FREE.


Master ASCII File
Second ASCII File

Compare - New Points or Points that have changed.
Send Report to your browser.

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