Sowing Opportunities is focused on the village of Chajmaic, Guatemala having potable, accessible water, to be used for greenhouse agriculture for food security and livelihood.
For World Water Day, Sowing Opportunities’ work was featured in Malden, Massachusetts’ Urban Media Arts (UMA) online journal, Neighborhood View. Take a look at the article that is written with the able assistance of Elena Martínez!
One of our key contacts in Chajmaic, Wendy Gómez, photographed people in the village collecting water at the river:
Wendy also interviewed her neighbors in the village. Here are some of their responses:
Q. Who does water benefit positively?
Familia Choc Choc
A: Our community.

Q: What would happen if the water ran out?
Familia Pop Coc
A: We would die because without water we would not bear to live long.
Q. Why is it important to conserve water?
Familia Sacul Chub
A: Because it is what helps us to survive and we must make good use of it properly, so that we can have it more easily at our disposal.
And, look at this 4-second video of children enjoying bringing water up from the river in Chajmaic, el Río Cahabón (speaking Q’echqi’)
We are working to alleviate this labor-intensive collection of water. And, we are raising funds to filter the water at the source of a 600,000 gallon capacity water tank and to pay the monthly electricity bill for pumping the water to the tank and to the 350 homes, as well as to educate the people on the benefit of using filtered water. See the history of Sowing Opportunities’ Water for Life project.
If you would like to donate, you can click here. We are grateful for your donation in any amount. 

Our goal is for the village to mobilize the greenhouse workshop project and water filtration in 2021. We are continuing to seek partners.

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