Across the Navajo Nation, windmills help pump water from under ground into water tanks.
Fr. John Grace, Pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in Hampton, Virginia
Solar panels have been installed at Immaculate Conception as part of the parish’s commitment to Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Sí.
Providing Clean Water: Part of a Growing Commitment to Caring For God’s Creation

At Immaculate Conception Church in Hampton, Virginia, Fr. John Grace and his parishioners have made a commitment to preserve God’s creation: the earth and all those who inhabit it – especially the poor.

And part of that commitment has made a significant impact on our project in the Navajo Nation. The people of Immaculate Conception have raised more than $12,000. That’s enough for 160 people to receive filters, buckets, and training so they can begin drinking clean water.

“It comes from our wanting to make a priority of Pope Francis’ message in the encyclical Laudato Sí,” Fr. John said. “We also place our efforts in the context of Catholic Social Teaching. We focus on projects that include working for the poor, but in ways that empower people – not doing for but doing with. Consequently, our emphasis on the environment and the poor go together.”

The parish created an aggressive approach to their efforts.
“We broke it into three areas: air, land, and water,” Fr. John said. “First we installed solar panels at the parish. Next we planted 5,000 trees in Kenya to help restore the land and offset the carbon footprint. In the shade of those trees the farmers grow coffee that they can sell.
“I’m constantly researching what’s out there. So when it came to water, I was looking for a group with a track record, who could create partnerships with people on the ground.

“I heard about Water With Blessings from one of the staff people at Catholic Climate Covenant ( They do great work there too. For me, it’s all about cross-pollination.”

The members of the parish are excited about what they have been able to accomplish.

“They come up and say ‘This is fun,’ and ask me ‘What are we going to do next year?’” Fr. John said. “We’re creating a culture of environmental concern, and engaging communities where we can help those in need.

“All of our coffee is coming from Latin America to help economic development. Then we had the African experience. Now we’re responding to the need in the Navajo Nation, the descendants of the first citizens of this land. So you can see the pattern developing in our efforts. As Pope Francis wrote in Fratelli Tutti, we’re all brothers and sisters.”
Click to watch the video Fr. John created to encourage support for Water With Blessings.
We Will Be Talking With Fr. John On This Week’s Coffee Chat
It will be great to hear first-hand from Fr. John Grace about the great work he and his parishioners are doing at Immaculate Conception Church in Hampton, Virginia.

So have your computer or other device fired up this Friday at Noon Eastern.
Save the Dates For These Upcoming Events
August 12 (Thursday) – Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser
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Join us to raise money for God's Thirsty Children. 10% of your bill will go to Water With Blessings. Invite friends and family to come and make sure you mention Water with Blessings to your waiter/waitress.

August 14 (Saturday) – Monarchs Concert to Benefit
Water With Blessings
St. Mary's Academy at St. Bernadette
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