This issue of Insights celebrates B&W photography.

Learn how to craft a signature B&W style with four articles .
Savor photographs from five photographers with signature B&W styles.
Enjoy videos with John Sexton and Kim Weston celebrating B&W printing.

Study in my studio and visit my father's during my B&W Mastery Workshop .
Private Consulting opportunities now complement my Workshops .

Discover the stories behind new images with Collectors Alert .

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Learn the heart of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Test the latest advanced in Epson printers, inks, and papers.

This workshop closely follows the content of my most popular workshop,  The Fine Digital Print Intermediate , but delves more deeply into black and white.

To make the best black and white images today a photographer's practice needs to be dramatically revised.

Expose in color.
Convert to black and white.
Enhance with digital contrast control.
Go further with masking.
Print with any analog or digital media.
Quickly update any step to use tomorrow's advances.

With these techniques you'll learn new ways of seeing, which will open up a world of possibilities for you when you make new exposures.

Plus, you'll have a rare opportunity to tour the studios of both father and son.

The Fine Art Digital Printing workshop series offers the most advanced digital printing workshops available anywhere. You'll learn more in one week than you learn in a semester in college.


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A limited number of  Private Consulting  opportunities are available
before or after the workshop. 

Content is customized for you in one on one and semi-private sessions.


I enrich individual creativity in exotic locations.

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There's an amazing diversity of B&W palettes!

Here are the three main ingredients ...

1 Key - high, medium or low.
2 Tonal range - compressed or expanded.
3 Tint - neutral or toned.

Now mix them.

Explore the possibilities with these four articles.


Two great black and white printers from two great photographic legacies celebrate the beauty of black and white printing.

Watch them and you're sure to be inspired!

You can learn a lot just by looking at great photographs.
Want to learn more about black and white images?
Start here.

Alfred Stieglitz
Ansel Adams
Huntington Witherill
Brett Weston
Joyce Tenneson



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