High Desert Fibershed Learning Center

Photo by Anna Odendaal (Estill)

Lani's Lana~Fine Rambouillet sheep came to visit the shop on their way through town heading back to the Bare Ranch. These sheep provide us with yarn, roving for spinning and fabric for making clothing.

Anna Odendaal has hides and meat for sale. https://alesheepcompany.com

Crochet Classes

January 13 & 27th /2 sessions

10am-12noon $35

Ongoing classes

Instructor: Barbara Spears

Barbara will teach both single and double crochet, how to read patterns and help with projects.This ongoing class is for crocheters with all levels of expertise from novice beginners to advanced techniques.

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Knit - Crochet - Weave - Mend

Saturday, January 13 and 27th


Adrienne Johnson

Join us for warm and cozy afternoons on these cold windy winter days.

If you want to LEARN TO KNIT, are stuck on a project or if you just want to come enjoy a hot cup of tea among fiber friends. Bring your mending project and we will help you.

Adrienne's first rug just off the loom made from

Navajo Churro rug yarn. Sorry, it's already sold.

Learn To Weave on the Zoom Loom

Saturday January 27

10am-12 noon

Class fee: $20

Instructor: Adrienne Johnson

Cost of loom: $35 or you can bring your own pin loom such as Weave-It or Loomette (antique pin looms your mother or grandmother might have passed on to you. Adrienne works with a 1950's loom she found in a mystery bag in a junk shop)

Limit 5 students

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Back in the 1930's (almost a hundred years ago????) a couple of companies in the US developed and produced tiny looms that allowed people to weave small squares of fabric, four square inches at a time, with the scraps they had on hand. During the Depression, and later through WWII, these little looms came in handy for making all kinds of things out of almost nothing. Patterns were published for making coats, blankets, children's garments, patches for repairing, small toys... all with a loom small enough to carry in your purse!

If you have ever wanted to start weaving, but are afraid to begin something that requires a lot of specialized equipment, now is your chance to dip your toe into something easy. Maybe make a coat! I'll be wearing the jacket I've been making out of Lani's Lana sport weight Rambouillet wool for class, so you will get to see an in-person example of what you can do with a little practice and patience.

Class one (in a series of 4?) will be a simple 2 hour intro to how to warp up, weave a basic square, and a demo in basic joining. This is enough knowledge to start making all kinds of things, but will also give a foundation for future classes in bias weaving, pattern weaving, and fancy joining techniques.

See you soon for the beginning of your next making rabbit hole!

Potholder Loom Class

for Kids and Adults

Saturday February 24th


Cost: $20 includes Potholder Loom

Instructor: Lani Estill

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Felted Vases featuring Eco-print Design

Instructors: Louisa Hunter, Jeanne Kaiser & Lani Estill

May 18-19, Save the Date !

10:00 am to 4 pm each day

$160 class fee plus a $40 materials fee.

Felt and Eco-print a vase/vessel in a fun two-day class offered by Warner Mountain Weavers. This fiber arts class will marry two wonderful techniques to create a work of art. Wet felting with wool roving and Eco-printing with botanicals.

We will learn how to draft roving, wet felt and full into a shaped vessel. The finished shape will be dyed in a "Dirty Pot" with botanical resists. The dyed felt will be reshaped into the vessel and is an original piece of art.   

There will be several patterns to choose from and all participants will have the opportunity to create a second piece.

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Instructor Bios:

Louisa Hunter and Jeanne Kaiser: Jeannie and Louisa, each with their own background in textiles and fiber arts, met at a workshop in 2019 forming a fast friendship. Currently they share a studio and focus on botanical printing, testing and trying out different techniques. In their practice they use all natural fibers along with natural dyes, tannins and plants. With Jeannie's love of plants and gardening and Louisa's infinite curiosity, the possibilities are endless and experimentation is at the heart of their work.

Lani Estill is the founder of Lani’s Lana ~ Fine Rambouillet Wool. A commercial wool business and small yarn line, Lani offers yarn that is heaven to knit and a joy to dye. She has a transparent supply chain and is certified Climate Beneficial TM. Her yarns are mostly naturally colored (blending creates the different natural colors) or naturally dyed with botanicals. Lani is a natural dyer and loves to teach others what she is learning herself.

Announcing the Pantone

Color of the year for 2024

Peach Fuzz

This new color just happens to be a match for one of my recent sweaters knit out of Yak, Silk, a halo of Kid-Silk Mohair and Merino wool from the Naturals Collection

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