Class 41 State Government Seminar
Olympia, WA
Class 41 spent a whirlwind three days in Olympia as part of their State Government Seminar learning how important it is to be a participant in government rather than an observer. With over 30 speakers, class members soaked up valuable lessons, great nuggets of advice, and spent free time meeting with legislators regarding their public policy projects. A highlight was time spent interacting with alumni, friends, and invited guests at the Washington Forest Protection Association sponsored reception and dinner. Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, provided some fascinating insight into the public education system now that McCleary has been fully funded.
State Representatives and Senators share with Class 41 the stories of how they got to Olympia.
Representatives from the Department of Natural Resources, Department of Ecology and the Department of Fish and Wildlife explain the regulatory and rule-making process.
Here’s what class members were saying:

* The opportunity to see representatives who may have opposing views, but who were able to sit together amicably and present their perspectives respectfully to our group, was unique and gave me hope for a more collaborative, less-polarized, less sensationalized government in the future.

* It is so important to always show respect, especially when you disagree, and be able to maintain positive working relationships at all times, regardless of your position on issues

* I really valued the opportunity to hear from the senators and representatives in a relaxed and friendly setting, where they felt comfortable sharing personal stories and talking about issues they hold in common, despite being on different sides of the isle. It was refreshing to hear that these people were called to this work, to serve their constituents and communities, not because they wanted to, but because they recognized their communities needed them.

* I have learned how important it is to be involved in the legislative process, not just as an AgForestry class member, but as a citizen.
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