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April 2024

Distributing Supplemental Food For Adults, Children, & Especially Seniors, Who Lack An Adequate Supply

Volunteer Highlight

Welcome Nelson Baptist Church

The ladies group, the WMU try to perform some type of mission project every month. When we delivered a food donation last year we were asked if we might be interested in serving with the volunteers to distribute the food. Our ladies were excited and extended the opportunity to the church. The response is great. Our church is grateful for the opportunity to reach out to others by providing a basic need. We thank the food pantry volunteers for this opportunity.   

Upcoming Pantry Schedule

April 2024

April 3rd and 6th

Union Chapel Baptist Church

April 10th and 13th

Clarksville Presbyterian Church

April 17th and 20th

House of Prayer Church

April 24th and 27th

Jamison Memorial Methodist Church

May 2024

May 1rst and 4th

St. Catherine Catholic Church

May 8th and 11th

Nelson Baptist Church

May 15th and 18th

Averett Baptist Church

May 22nd and 25th

Cherry Hill Baptist Church

May 29th and June 1st

Clarksville Lions Club

Pantry Updates

Non-Food Item of the Month

Please add one box of Kleenex to each Number 1 Pantry Box. Limit one per family.

Community Dinner

Feed More Hunger Fighting Campaign's

Walmart Fight Hunger Spark Change – April 1-29

Customers can support Feed More (which in turn provides funding for our Agency partners and programs) while shopping at Walmart by:

  • Purchasing items at local Walmart stores that are identified as part of the campaign. The purchase of these items will unlock a donation equivalent to one meal!
  • Rounding up at the register at check-out!

Richmond Restaurant Week - April 22-29

Visit to see local restaurants who are preparing special menus to benefit Feed More!

Myth or Fact


🍯The honey theory that’s swarming right now proposes that consuming local honey exposes you to pollen in local flowers, trees, grasses and weeds, and acts like a natural allergy shot. We hate to harsh your buzz, but it doesn’t exactly work that way.

🐝Let’s comb through the science: Bees collect pollen and eat nectar from flowers. They then work to evaporate the water and seal the remaining thickened nectar into honeycombs- using, you guessed it, beeswax! The sting is that bees collect pollen from flowers which are not responsible for most allergic reactions (trees, grasses and weeds are). So little to no pollen from these common allergens make it into the honey.

🍯Additionally, when they are working to make the honey, the bees mix it with enzymes to begin the digestive process. These enzymes change the pollen protein. Lastly processing, pasteurization and the enzymes in your own stomach remove and breakdown pollen. This means you don’t ingest enough intact pollen for your immune system to become desensitized to its effects.

🐝Let’s swarm around this good news though! Because of its thick consistency, honey can work to coat the mouth and throat, easing irritation and even helping with coughs associated with seasonal allergies. So no need to give up on your favorite tea with honey!

Chicken and Rice Soup

The soup is full of vegetables, chicken, and rice. The fresh thyme adds great flavor too.

This Easy Chicken and Rice Soup is the soup you make when you are sick or when someone else is sick and in need of a warm bowl of comfort. It is the soup you make when you are feeling lazy, but want a hearty, homemade meal. It is the soup you make when your picky kids say they won’t eat dinner, so you make this soup and they eat a big bowl. It is the soup you make when it is cold outside and you need to warm up. It is the BEST soup recipe to have on hand because it is so easy and everyone loves it.

Great Roasted Carrots

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