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Final 8th Resources
Join Our Final 8th "Victory Lab"
Private Online Community

Beyond the book, masterclasses, and journaling, we understand it takes a village to raise so many wonderful "Selves."
3rd Thursday Learning Lab

Join us monthly for our unique Voice Dialogue Learning Lab to experience Voice Dialogue & the Final 8th process. Live demos, Q&A, and a community curious about Alter Egos.

PLACE: Anywhere there's wifi
Let's innovate together.

for a live-stream conversation

How do you figure out the gift of an Inner Self -- especially when they feel problematic and in the way? This process reverse engineers your stuckness as it cultivates courage and optimism!
Bring your Final 8th questions and your cute, creaky & curious Alter Egos -- and any others who are inspired to join tonight!.
The Final 8th Podcast Playlist

Listen up & get back on track by tuning in to a number of gifted podcast hosts who are talking about the Final 8th with me. This is a companion resource that delves deeply into the Final 8th phenomenon and practical life applications.
Your dreams deserve undivided attention.
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