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Planning and Economic Development Department Update

Taking it to the Streets

Last month the Department reported on their outreach to the Windermere Poulsbo office as part of our efforts to educate our citizens about zoning and comprehensive plan changes. This month, the stage shifted to Keller Williams, Poulsbo office, where Senior Planner Nikole Coleman and Planning Director, Heather Wright were the guest speakers.

Just like with the Windermere office, staff heard of mounting interest for properties developed with Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s), coupled with a desire for pre-approved plans. Additionally, staff heard a desire for condominiums. 

To further these aspirations, the City has initiated discussions with Kitsap County, the City of Bremerton, Bainbridge Island and Port Orchard to explore the possibility of joining forces for pre-approved ADU plans.

In another stride forward to providing housing options and choices, the City Council passed an interim zoning regulation-Ordinance 2024-03 which introduces the concept of unit lot, or ‘condo lite’ lots. This innovative approach offers a middle ground between traditional single-family detached home and condominiums, paving the way for diverse ownership opportunities and broadening housing options within our community.

The interim, 12-month ordinance is in effect until March 6, 2025, with a public hearing scheduled with the City Council for May 1, 2024. 

2024 Comprehensive Plan Update

The City Council held their first workshop to review the proposed updates to the 2024 Comprehensive Plan by reviewing the Introduction and Land Use chapters on Wednesday, March 20, 2024. Following discussions, the Council requested staff bring the chapters back to their April 3rd City Council Meeting.

Staff will bring back the chapters and propose to put forth one chapter at a time, each Wednesday the City Council meets until the City Council review of the twelve chapters is completed. Stay tuned and participate in the discussion as the City Council reviews continue, for these pages will be used as a blueprint for the next 20 years of development of our city. 

Engineering Department Update

Complete Streets Plan- Our Online Open House for the Complete Streets Plan went live on March 1 through April 1. We received nearly 150 responses and comments on our interactive map for areas of concern around the City. Participants were able to place “pins” on the map where they would like to see safety and connectivity improved, as well as share additional comments and thoughts to help in prioritizing locations for potential Complete Streets improvements. Once all the data is collected, the results of the survey will be shared on our website. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Oyster Plant Park- The existing pier at Oyster Plant Park, located on Fjord Drive, will have pilings repaired and a new handrail system installed as early as this Summer. In addition, the City will work with RailStar Engineering to develop a maintenance plan for the pier to keep it in good working order for the future.

Developer Projects

Businesses Open- Discount Tire on 7th Avenue is officially open, as well as the Shell fuel station on Viking Avenue.

College Marketplace (CMP) Apartments- The Certificate of Occupancy has been issued for the first building completed (Phase 1) of this apartment complex at Olhava. In total, there will be 90 apartments.

Liberty Landing- Contractors are mobilized to the site to begin breaking ground this month on the 8-lot subdivision along Hamilton Court NE.

Lincoln Cottages- Utility construction and site grading continues. The stormwater vault construction is set to begin in April for this 21-lot development on Lincoln Road.

Building Department Update

The updated 2021 Washington State Building Codes went into effect March 15, 2024.

Please visit the Washington State Building Code Council website at https://www.sbcc.wa.gov for more information.

Finance Department Update

Utility Billing Auto-Payment. The City offers auto-pay as an option to pay your utility bill. Have your payment automatically deducted from your bank account on the 20th of every month. Click here for additional details and an application. If you’d like an application mailed to you, please contact the Finance Department at (360) 394-9881.

Seasonal Averaging for Sewer Billing 

The sewer portion of your utility bill is based on your metered water. For residential accounts, the City recognizes there will be outdoor irrigation in the summer and the water used may not flow into the City’s sewer system. Because of this, we take the winter (November to May) monthly average of water usage and apply this “Seasonal Averaging” when calculating the sewer portion of your bill from June to October.

Seasonal Averaging creates a significant savings on the sewer portion of the utility bill for many residents who increase their water usage in the summer! Seasonal Averaging applies to sewer only, so you will still be billed for all actual water usage.

If possible, plan to start sprinkling your beautiful spring flowerpot or newly planted vegetable garden after mid-May; Memorial Day is an easy date to link to the start of your watering! Keep in mind to end outdoor irrigation in mid-October; Leif Erikson Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day are helpful dates to help you remember to end Summer water use. 

Public Works Department Update

Public Works is currently seeking seasonal employees to work alongside our crews. Starting salary is $20.00 per hour depending on experience. To learn more and apply, click on the following link: http://cityofpoulsbo.com/human-resources-employment


Responsibly Rid Yourself of Styrofoam

The Kitsap County Solid Waste Division, in partnership with DTG Recycle, is hosting a free Styrofoam collection for Kitsap County households. This is the only Styrofoam collection event scheduled for 2024.

Styrofoam collection event scheduled April 27, 2024

Poulsbo Garden Club

Plant Sale and Grants

Poulsbo Garden Club's annual PLANT SALE will be on Saturday, May 4, from 9 am to 1 pm at the Pavilion at Raab Park. Many wonderful perennials, annuals, veggie starts, houseplants and garden art items will be offered at very reasonable prices. Credit cards, checks and cash are accepted. So, mark your calendar for SATURDAY, MAY 4 from 9 am to 1 pm at the Raab Park Pavilion, rain or shine, and come get wonderful plants to get your garden off to a great start this Spring! Thanks for your support.  

Money raised at the plant sale is given back to the community as grants. Thanks to the great support at last year's plant sale the club was able to grant $6,500 to 9 local organizations for their gardening and landscape projects. Grant recipients for this summer include Farm on Levin, Suquamish Museum, S'Klallam Tribe Garden, Sons of Norway, Buck Lake Native Gardens, Kingston Middle School, Raab Park Youth Garden, American Legion Park Native Plant rehab, and Kingston Village Green community gardens. We look forward to seeing you at our Plant Sale on May 4 at Raab Park so we can continue this fine tradition of giving back to the community.


For more information about the plant sale or how to join this lively group, please email us at PoulsboGardenClub@gmail.com. The Plant Sale is on May 4th but our next meeting, a wonderful garden tour, is on April 13th -- email us for membership and tour information please. 

The Judge's Corner.

Walk Me Across the Floor Once

           The three retired couples laughed and reminisced and toasted our decades-old friendship. As we were rising to head home, one of our companions said, “I wonder what our kids would say if they’d have heard our discussions tonight.”

           I was reminded of my friend Jay’s school reunion. Seeing the Principal, Jay asked if reunions tended to be similar or unique, each one-of-a-kind.

           “Blindfold me and walk me across the floor one time and I’ll tell you what year reunion it is…by the conversation topics.”

           Reflecting on the Principal’s observation, I realized we three couples had discussed everything that would be expected from a group ranging in age from 67 to 78. Health. Kids and grandkids. Life as a retiree. Adventures we took together in the past. Aspirational adventures for the future. The “good old days.” How the world has changed for the better and worse (in our views) over the past decades. The modern opportunities and obstacles our children and grandchildren face. And, finally, the joy our friendships have given each of us.

            In a recent “Blue Zone” episode about growing older happier, it was opined that an important element of healthy aging is feeling part of a community. Being relevant. Being valued. Being heard. Not feeling you are in the world alone. 

           Our meal-together feeling of belonging was, perhaps, as predictable, and important, as the subjects we discussed over, and after, dinner. 

           As to what our children would have thought had they been listening to our discussion, at their ages they likely would have found the exchanges odd and uninteresting, only to find themselves in their retired years having similar conversations.

          Just ask Jay’s school Principal. 

Copyright Jeff Tolman 2024. All rights reserved.

Parks and Recreation Department Update

Job Openings

The City of Poulsbo is currently hiring. Click here to learn more details about open positions!