Hurricane Ida Update
Today is not "Take a walk or ride day." Today is card games, board games, read a book and cook day. Large trees and power lines are down on most every street … many on homes.

PD is currently going house to house to check on anyone in a home with a tree on it / in it. Fire is working with Public Works to clear main thoroughfares. This is slow, tedious and dangerous work. Due to downed power lines, Public Works is currently battling its way to S. Tyler Street (LA Hwy 21). State highways will be the priority, particularly towards the hospital. There is no way to give a reasonable time line for when streets will be cleared or electricity restored.

EVACUEES: You should stay where you are at least until tomorrow. There are zero reports of looting, but numerous reports of neighbors helping neighbors.

BOIL WATER ADVISORY: For drinking and cooking, please boil. This is a precaution only. There are no reports of any contamination.

INJURIES / FATALITY: A couple of minor ones that were able to stay home during storm … hope to clear safe path to hospital today. No reports of storm related deaths.

Push / Debris Removal Contract has been activated. This means outside contractors will be working to remove trees from streets.

Communication: AT&T is out, Verizon still functioning.
CLECO Before and After the Storm
Good to know Cleco pre-positioned electric line crews to be available after the storm. Priorities for restoration of juice are: 1) Hospitals,
2) Nursing homes and Rehab centers, 3) Sewer lift stations, water wells, wastewater treatment plants, 4) major traffic corridors (traffic signals),
5) residential.

The order of houses energized is a function of which repair will light up the most houses most quickly. Hence, if fixing one down line will energize 100 houses, but fixing a different line will energize 5 houses, the 100 will be the focus. Inevitably someone, somewhere will be last.

To quote Betty Cronin's mother, "Patience is a virtue." Stay Safe and Take Care,
Sidenote: The moment your electricity goes out, CLECO knows. They get a "ping" back to headquarters. CLECO has a wonderful smart phone app that will show you exactly what is out in your neighborhood and across the state.
Per below, the entire city is currently without electricity:
Corner of Columbia and Gibson Street
Local author, artist, creator and all-around good guy Ron Barthet has a great article on the Little Napoleon House ... corner of Columbia and Gibson Street. And yes, the brick building in the background (Maison Nez) is still there : )

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Take Care, Stay Safe
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