City of Covington
Construction Project Update

Jahncke Avenue Overlay

Original bid was over budget. Council allocated additional funds via budget amendment. Re-bid end of April.

Northside Sewer Force Main - replacing insufficient force main under Ronald Reagan Highway

Close to new conduit being in place. Waiting on bar screen for connection at waste water treatment plant.

Sewer Lift Station Re-builds

Across the city there are 63 sewer lift stations. For some, original pumps and equipment are no longer functional. This year we will update / upgrade two of the 63.

Lurline Drive - Arguably, the worst street in all of Covington

No project has been more snake-bit than this one. Stop, find conflict, re-engineer, start again, find another conflict, stop, re-engineer, start again (over 3 years in the works … ugh).

River Forest sewer collection is via terracotta pipes. Breaks and holes allow rain water infiltration to overload the lift station and conduit. Result is inoperable bathrooms in several houses in each rain.

Conduit is smoke tested for leaks, then videoed. Point repairs will be made, then a cured-in-place PVC lining will be installed (similar to a heart stent). The result is a like-new pipe. The totality of this process is environmentally important and expensive.

Peter Atkins Park Splash Pad

Original quotes had an extreme disparate range and were rejected. Subsequently, a firm under State contract was located. Currently working on infrastructure specifications.

Menetre Park Boat Launch

Topographical and geotechnical surveys are complete. Engineering design is in second iteration.

Menetre / 15th Dog Park

Preliminary design by in-house staff is complete and was submitted to CLECO for right-of-way permission. Future in-house work by Public Works will be blended into their schedule / work orders.

Ozone Ball Field / Park

Ball field is complete except for bases. Master plan for entire park is under design.

Hubie Gallagher Park Needs Analysis

The next park needing attention is Hubie Gallagher. Initial thoughts are neighborhood meeting late summer / early Fall.

Bogue Falaya River bridge, widening of Collins Blvd and 21st and Jefferson Avenues roundabouts

These are LA DOTD projects and not the jurisdiction of the City of Covington.

Ditch on Tyler St near Gallagher's Grill

We have brought this to DOTD's attention. They are considering fixes.

Rutland St. / Gibson St. Subterranean Infrastructure

Engineering design is 60% complete. Funding for project from our State legislators.

Rutland St. / Gibson St. Overlays

Engineering contract for design overlay has been executed. Funding for project is from our

Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Upgrades

Additional aerators for the pond and new effluent pumps are slothing through the supply chain.

Ozone Subdivision sewer line re-build: Concrete sewer gravity main under N. Taylor street is disintegrating due to methane gas in wastewater

Application is underway to the State for dollars to diagnose, then repair the terracotta and concrete sewer lines from the Ozone to 27th Ave.

Magee Street Waterline Replacement - Replace 2" water main from Briggs St. to Lee Rd

Working on State Permit application and bid package.

Wilson Cemetery Improvements

New fencing on Columbia St. looks great. Concrete for sidewalk repairs failed to meet contract standards. Contractor to re-do.

Wilson Cemetery Grave Markers

Not a City project (graves are private property … city cannot use taxpayer dollars for private property improvements), but a wonderful community response. More grave markers have been ordered.

Downtown Traffic Study

Engineer selected; Working on scope of contract and proposal.

Also, a shout-out to Chief Administrative Officer Erin Bivona, Director of Finance Nina Sweeney and their staff. The governmental procurement process is tedious, heavily regulated, counter to typical business methods and miserable. Their work and expertise are critical to us overcoming this waterfall of bureaucracy.

Music is Upon Us

Fats Domino, Irma Thomas, Sam Cooke, Bobby "Blue" Bland, James Brown, BB King, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder have all played in Covington's Historic West 30s Neighborhood.

This Thursday we'll be joined by New Orleans renown outdoor griller and jazz trumpeter Kermit Ruffins. Good Times!

Another Gun and Another Knucklehead

Off the Streets

Three years ago Covington police officers were the lowest paid in St. Tammany Parish. Though we budgeted for 26 officers, we only had 13. Proactive enforcement was quite challenging.

Simultaneously what we charged for water and sewer was about 50% of what it cost to provide water and sewer. Working with the City Council and with wide support from our citizens, we raised utility rates to 75% of cost. The other 25% continues to be subsidized by sales and property taxes.

Today we have twenty-six patrol officers plus an additional one dedicated to traffic enforcement: Professional, Active and Effective. Since Mike Ferrell was appointed police chief (approximately 20 months ago), the department has removed from our streets drugs (including fentanyl), gambling and prostitution as well as Eighty-Five illegally possessed guns along with the knuckleheads who possessed them.

Pictured above and per below, this individual failed to use his turn signal.

Cov PD: Just a Monday

12 Hour Day Shift

31 Calls for Service

3 patrol officers

1 Lt.

1 Sgt.

Recycle Plastic Bags?

Not so fast, Ranchhand!

Local newspaper bags are touting their recyclability (not sure that's a word). The bags, along with plastic grocery bags are recyclable but only at select stores (Winn Dixie, Walmart, Lowe's, Target).

These bags along with traditional plastic garbage bags SHOULD NOT be included in your curbside recycling. They should be used in your regular garbage cans.

One of the early steps in recycling newspaper and cardboard is "pulverization." Newspaper bags, plastic grocery bags and trash bags disable / crash the pulverization machine. To avoid this, paper sent to the sorting facility with plastic bags mixed-in is deemed "contaminated" and thus re-routed to the dump ... not only are the bags not recycled but neither is the paper. Yikes!

The basketball courts at Peter Atkins Park may only be cleaned with soft detergent, water, mops and backaches.

Many thanks to these young men from St. Paul's School for volunteering to wield the mops and for providing the backs. Also, thanks to Covington Fire Department for providing the water.

Replies to this e-mail go directly to Mayor Mark.

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