November 26, 2019
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Holiday Stroll November 29!
Bright Lights Will Come Next Year
This year stands to be one of the best Holiday Strolls in the festival's 18-year history with singing, dancing, food, and a host of events. For one year only, however, the white lights that line downtown will not be lit (we know--we're sad, too.) The good news is a new plan is being put together to brighten up downtown in 2020. Downtown Main Street and the City of Red Wing are getting guidance on a new lighting system that will be more sustainable, cost-effective, and up to state code. For now, we're thankful the Holiday Stroll will kick off the holiday season in style, and new lights will be here next year. Check out the Stroll's schedule here and Facebook page here.
It's That Time of Year Again
You've probably received your property valuation statement in the mail. If you have questions, comments, or want to appeal, come to the Truth in Taxation Public Hearing this Monday, December 2, at 6 p.m. in the Red Wing City Council Chambers, 315 West Fourth Street.
A New Vision for the Memorial Park Overlook
This is the place thousands of us have savored a sunset, enjoyed a talk with friends, or silently watched over our city. It's the Memorial Park Overlook on Sorin's Bluff and it's one of Red Wing's favorite spots. The Noontime Kiwanis Club has led the way toward raising funds from local donors to match current funds and remodel the overlook next summer. Lots of residents came out last Saturday morning to give their input at an Open House at the library. If you couldn't make it, click here to see the design ideas and click here to answer questions about what kind of improvements you'd like to see.
Police: Body-Worn Camera Policy
The Red Wing Police Department is looking for your input on a potential new Body-Worn Camera Policy. Come to the Public Library's Foot Room on Thursday, December 5 from 6 to 8 p.m. to hear more and give your input. You can read a copy of the policy draft here. Please submit all comments here by the morning of December 6. City Council will be considering the policy at its December 9, 2019, meeting at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers.
Citizens to the Rescue
Motorcyclist Susan Schwichtenberg had one important thing to tell citizens Jossette Crouch and Marissa Stein at Monday's Council meeting: Thank you for saving my life. In mid-August, Crouch and Stein both stopped to administer live-saving first aid to Schwichtenberg, who was riding her motorcycle when she was hit by a vehicle on Highway 61 near County Road 18. Police Chief Pohlman and Mayor Dowse recognized both women with a certificate of appreciation and the Chief’s coin. You can watch the heartfelt video segment here.
A Fresh Start
City Council members and the Red Wing Port Authority will get together to think outside the box and discuss potentially new options for the much-discussed property at the corner of Highways 61 and 19 on the western edge of town. Council members said they want to look for more innovative and creative opportunities for the property. The Council will amiably end its three-year broker agreement with the St. Paul Port Authority within the month. See Monday's Council meeting segment here.
Rank Choice Voting on Hold
Red Wing Council members and Mayor Sean Dowse expressed strong support for continuing to advocate at the state level for ranked choice voting--a voting method that eliminates primaries and puts all candidates on the main election ballot. The Council had planned to put the issue to residents during the 2020 election and let the Red Wing community decide how it wants to vote in future local elections. However, an approved MN ranked-choice ballot is not available from the state, and the law is currently "silent" on the issue. Watch the meeting segment here. Council members said they will advocate for this issue and see if state legislators can make progress on it during its 2020 session starting in February.
Your Utility Bill: New Look, Better Detail
Your city utility bill may look a little different, but it's the same bill. We've just upgraded our software to include a few new features, including a graph that shows how much water you've used over time. Look at the example bill here and if you have questions, the folks at Public Works will be happy to answer. Call 651.385.3674.
In with the New (Bridge), Out with the Old (Bridge)
Last Thursday marked an event after years of planning and building: The Eisenhower Bridge of Valor over the Mississippi River opened to traffic. The Red Wing community turned out for the ribbon-cutting ceremony that included a procession of public safety vehicles, first responders, and veterans. Demolition has already begun on the old Eisenhower Memorial Bridge and will continue through the winter. Keep up with project by joining MnDOT's email list or follow the Red Wing Bridge Project on Facebook. Then plan to join us again in August 2020 for a big celebration when the whole project, including landscaping and lighting, is complete.
Compassion Starts with Community
Red Wing will succeed far into the future, as long as we act with compassion for each other. More than 200 people heard those closing words last week during the Gray Area Thinking training by national speaker Ellie Krug. Hosted by the RW Human Rights Commission, the sessions included an interactive portion where participants shared how they identify themselves and learned how to be aware so we label each other less, risk more, and start conversations with people who look or act differently from ourselves.

Click on the links below for the following resources :
* Handouts from the sessions. Please share with others.
Test Your Recycling Skills - The Answers
We asked and you, our City Beat readers, gave us lots of correct responses! Congratulations to Janice for being drawn as the winner of the reusable tote bag. Thanks to everyone who played along and sent in an answer.
Are you interested in seeing more quizzes like this? Let us know!
  1. Caps should be removed from plastic bottles prior to recycling. FALSE. Plastic caps should stay on the bottle. Loose caps cause problems in recycling machines, so keep that cap on!
  2. If the recycling symbol is on it, it can always go in the blue cart. FALSE. This one is tricky, as the recycling symbol is on material (like Styrofoam and plastic #6) that can't go in the blue cart.
  3. Gable-top cartons are not recyclable. FALSE. Rinse them out, replace the cap, and recycle them.
  4. Aerosol cans can go in the blue cart. FALSE. They can't go in the blue cart, but aerosol cans can be brought to the Waste Campus to be recycled.
  5. Plastic shopping bags aren't recyclable, but plastic food-storage bags are. FALSE. Unfortunately, any sort of plastic bag jams up recycling machines.
All in a Day's Work
Photo of RWFD retiree Mike Shafer
After 27 years with the Red Wing Fire Department, Mike Shafer, a paid on-call firefighter with the Engine 1 team, is retiring from service. Fire Chief Draper called Mike's service instrumental to the success of the combination department. His career included responding to the Fleischmann Malting Company fire, as well as mentoring and serving alongside his son-in-law. Thank you, Mike, for your years of dedication to our community and congratulations on your well-earned retirement.
Any Meeting, Any Time
Now you can view any City of Red Wing meeting at your convenience on our website. From this page , just select "Archive of City Meetings" and scroll down to find the specific meeting you're looking for, and you can watch it on any device. Or, select the "Channel 6 live stream," and you can watch our government access channel whenever and wherever you wish.
We'll Save You a Seat
Holiday Stroll
Downtown Red Wing
Friday, November 29
City Council Truth in Taxation Public Hearing
City Hall Council Chambers
Monday, December 2 at 6 p.m.
City Council Special Meeting
City Council Chambers
Monday, December 2
Immediately follows the 6 p.m. Truth in Taxation meeting
Port Authority Meeting
City Hall Council Chambers
Tuesday, December 3 at 5:30 p.m.
Heritage Preservation Meeting
City Hall Council Chambers
Wednesday, December 4 at 5:30 p.m.
Police Department Public Meeting
Discussion on Body Cameras
Red Wing Public Library Foot Room
Thursday, December 5, 6 to 8 p.m.
City Council Meeting
City Council Chambers
Monday, December 9 at 6 p.m.
Housing and Redevelopment Authority Meeting
City Council Chambers
Tuesday, December 10 at 3:30 p.m.
Housing Study Workshop with City Council and Housing Redevelopment Authority
City Hall Council Chambers
Monday, December 16 at 6 p.m.
The 2019 Housing Needs Assessment report will be shared.
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