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October 19, 2023

How are you safeguarding your critical facility operations with the latest news about the discontinuation of Lutron Ballasts?

In case you have not heard or received the latest notice, Lutron publicly informed their customers last week that they will be discontinuing their fluorescent ballast models (EC3, EHD, H3D, H3T, UEC3, UEHD, and UH3D) on 12/31/231.

Lead times for the ballasts pending discontinuation, should you need to order them before the end of the year, is currently exceeding 8 weeks. Other ballast manufacturers are proceeding with similar plans as fluorescent components are becoming obsolete industry wide. For most of our clients who have some remaining fluorescent lamps and controls, Lutron’s announcement likely has the greatest impact, effecting the critical facilities they operate every day. If you have postponed planning on how to prepare to address this issue, it is time to take action.


Lutron’s announcement confirms they will continue to provide technical and warranty support for the discontinued products. In our opinion, we do not see warranties as a solution because most of our clients’ fluorescent ballasts have outlived the manufacturer’s warranty period. If you are responsible for maintaining your lighting system in your facilities you own or manage, you should develop a plan to transition your remaining fluorescent lamps and ballasts to an LED lighting solution.


System reliability, academic or business operations, and upgrade costs are all important factors that need to be considered. If it sounds overwhelming and you need help assessing your current options to keep your facilities maintainable, please give us a call. Circadia is certified in Lutron control products, has extensive experience developing cost effective lighting and lighting control solutions, and can provide tailored scorecards to help present your options. We have lighting experts available today to provide immediate support and are already helping many facilities managers address this issue nationwide. 

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