I jumped up onto the steps of the train before it came it to a complete stop because I was anxious to get to the sleeper compartment and rest after my two day whirlwind tour of Holland. Travel weary and ready for a good night's sleep, I tossed my backpack on to the floor to access my reservation number for the compartment. The conductor was just a few compartments down the line, and as soon as my ticket was checked, I planned on settling in and getting a much needed sleep.
As many young Americans did while touring Europe in the seventies, I used the night train as place to sleep as it took me from one magical place to another. A sleeping compartment was a bit more luxurious than a single seat, yet far less expensive than a hotel and certainly more efficient than wasting the evening hours sleeping in a youth hostel.
I was particularly tired after the visit in Holland as I just caught a few naps on park benches and hadn't slept deeply for a few days. Even if I had wanted to stay overnight, the train stop was nothing more than a substation, many miles away from the small town that my hitchhiked ride had passed through to drop me off and then drive away. The station was nothing more than a ticket desk, bathroom, and a worn, splintered wooden bench that sat uncovered just outside of the tiny office.
But all of that was behind me now. My visit in Holland was spectacular and the conductor would shortly be at my compartment, and I would soon be asleep, awakening to my next destination-Brussels and then on to Dornach, Switzerland, the world headquarters of the General Anthroposophical Society that was conceived by the spiritual teacher Dr. Rudolf Steiner. 
I was a Jesuit priest at the time I was touring Europe and had been assigned by the Order to learn everything I could about Steiner's teachings and the Waldorf School movement he had started in 1919 just six years before his death. The Catholic Church was extremely interested in knowing what Steiner taught to see if anything had merit and, if so, what could be brought into the Church's organization and teachings.
Waldorf schools, biodynamic farms, anthroposophically inspired medicine, architecture, dance, art, philosophy, and a host of other practical spiritual applications had arisen from Steiner's teachings, and the Jesuits were interested in finding out what they didn't know. It made Jesuits uneasy to think that Steiner, or any philosopher or scientist, knew something that they didn't. The Society of Jesus has a long history of studying everything in the world, including world religions, banking and finance, or, as we have seen in contemporary times, the study of astronomy with the large binocular telescope called Lucifer located at the Mt. Graham observatory in Arizona. 

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Enter the Temple of Wisdom

This is an artistic rendition of the First Goetheanum, which as explained in the story above, was burned down by an arsonist in 1922. We asked our artist to capture an image of previously painted pictures of the interior of the building, where the sculpture known as the Representative of Man, depicting Christ holding balance of the beings Lucifer and Ahriman, was to be placed.  

Our website Our Spirit is also a place where spiritual aspirants can enter a sacred space that is grounded in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner through a variety of web portals. We consider it a virtual Temple of Wisdom and offer you an example of how one can imagine sacred places existing beyond the temporal world. We invite you to explore the treasures we are leaving  you in our virtual web temple. It doesn't matter which doorway you enter, your path will be exactly right for you.  

Steiner's View on Globalism and Nationalism 

Nationalism is egoism experienced by the whole nation in common. Nationalism is egoism carried into the spiritual region of life. Nationalism, for instance, is saturated with, glows with, the imagination of the people in which it finds expression. But this life of imagination itself is the higher spiritual development of all that constitutes human wants. We must go back to this root, in order to gain a clear understanding of it by right contemplation.
Of a very different species is that characteristic of human nature which develops as internationalism. We become national, because the feeling of nationalism arises out of our own nature. Nationalism is a blossom on the growth of the individual human being who is of the same blood as his tribe, or is bound by other ties to his people. 
Nationalism grows with the man. It grows into him as a certain bodily growth. He does not possess internationalism in this way. Internationalism is rather comparable to the feeling we acquire when we contemplate the beauties of nature; through this contemplation we are impelled to love, to reverence, to understanding, because it has become a reality to us, because it impresses itself on us, because we give ourselves up to it freely. Whereas we grow into our own nation because we are, so to speak, members of it, we learn to know other nations. They work on us indirectly through our knowledge of them, our understanding of them. We learn little by little to love them with understanding; and in proportion to our learning to love and to understand mankind in its different peoples in their various countries, does our feeling grow for internationalism.

There are two absolutely distinct sources in human nature from which arise, respectively, nationalism and internationalism. Nationalism is the highest development of egoism. Internationalism is that which permeates us more and more, as we give ourselves to a wide understanding of human nature. We must regard the common life of human beings all over the civilized globe in this light, especially if we wish to come to a clear understanding of the conflicting element in these impulses, nationalism and internationalism.  

  Lecture: S-3892: 30th October, 1919 | Zurich | GA0332a | MongesHB 

Make Your Nation Yours Again

The Anonymous Patriots call upon citizens of the world to throw off the shackles of globalism where the forces of Ahriman thwart our God-given freedom and liberty and our pursuit of spiritual life.

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Finding St. Germain: 
Modern Sources Reveal Truth of Ancient Teachings 


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