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June 5, 2024

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Brandon Lake

Leads with Double Wins at 11th Annual

K-LOVE Fan Awards

Brandon Lake led the evening with double wins during the TBN broadcast of the 11th Annual K-LOVE Fan Awards, which he also co-hosted with another of the evening's winners, Sadie Robertson Huff. Taped live at the iconic OPRY House on May 26, Lake was honored as Male Artist of the Year, with his song "Praise You Anywhere" winning Worship Song of the Year, while Huff took home the Podcast of the Year award for "Whoa, That's Good."

Anne Wilson received her second Female Artist of the Year award with Elevation Worship, taking home their first win for Group of the Year, while for KING & COUNTRY was named Artist of the Year for the sixth time, and "Faithfully" by TobyMac was named Song of the Year.

The winners list was rounded out by Jonathan Roumie's "Jonathan & Jesus" taking home the trophy for TV/Streaming Impact, New England Patriot's Matthew Slater honored with the Sports Impact Award, Seph Schlueter's "Counting My Blessings" named Breakout Single of the Year, The Chosen Season Four (Theatrical Release) awarded for Film Impact, and Zach William's, "Rescue Story" winning for Book Impact.

Two-time K-LOVE Fan Award winner and former co-host Mandisa, as well as DiverseCity band member Gabe Patillo, were honored in a moving video tribute. Introduced by “American Idol” alumni Colton Dixon and Danny Gokey, the emotional visual was soundtracked by “Goodbye,” an unreleased original song written and recorded by TobyMac for his two friends, who passed away within a week of each other.

Sponsored by Coca-Cola consolidated, the evening was elevated by electrifying and soul-stirring performances from some of the biggest names in Christian entertainment, with performances by Anne Wilson, Brandon Lake, CAIN, Crowder, Elevation Worship, Jeremy Camp, Matthew West, and Terrian. The night also brought several surprise features as well including Housefires with the trio of Ryan Ellis, Blanca, and Stephen McWhirter, Josh Baldwin and Jenn Johnson, Katy Nichole and Naomi Raine, Lauren Daigle with Ellie Holcomb, Rachael Lampa and Andrew Ripp, and Tauren Wells joined by Davies. 

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Billboard Magazine's Current Top Contemporary Christian Music Chart

#1 (LW1)Elevation Worship


(from Can You Imagine)

(#1 for 13 straight weeks)

#2 (LW3)Forest Frank

“Good Day”

(from God Is Good - EP)

#3 (LW2)Seph Schlueter

“Counting My Blessings"

(from Counting My Blessings)

#4 (LW5) - Tauren Wells

Feat. We The Kingdom & Davies

“Take It All Back”

(from Joy In The Morning:

Horizon Edition)

#5 (LW4) Jeremy Camp

“These Days"

(from Deeper Water)

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Contemporary Christian Music Songs

Gospel Superstar


Opens Up About Infertility and Finding Hope in Heartbreak

(Tasha Cobbs Leonard's

"Burdens Down" is currently #2

on Billboard's Gospel Music charts)

Tasha Cobbs Leonard stood in her living room, tears streaming down her face as her heart tore in two. She’d just returned home from attending the 2014 Stellar Awards for Gospel music, and mere moments before, she’d been riding high from her seven nominations, amazed at all the good God was doing in her life. But then she received the phone call that left her shattered.

“Your dad had a heart attack while driving,” her cousin had said, as shock washed over Tasha like a tidal wave. A few agonizing minutes later, Tasha’s brother called to ­confirm the unthinkable, “Sis, he’s gone.”

As the tears poured from her eyes, all Tasha could do was pray. “Thank You, God, for choosing me to be fathered by Bishop Fritz Cobbs, one of Your greatest gifts.”

Seven days later, Tasha was set to attend the 56th Grammy Awards, where she was nominated for Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance.

Struggling with grief, Tasha wondered how she’d make it through the ceremony without her dad, who’d been her biggest fan and supporter. Then she remembered her father had joked he wouldn’t be there anyway. Only because he can’t miss a Sunday at church, she’d thought with a smile. Suddenly, her father’s wise words echoed in her heart: When it gets ­challenging, will you keep going anyway?

The following Sunday, Tasha pushed through her sorrow and attended the Grammys. And when her name was called as the winner, Tasha made her way to the stage, wrapped in a swirl of emotions. Holding up her award, she said, “This is dedicated to my father.” And the entire academy stood to their feet and erupted in applause.

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Billboard Magazine's Current Top Gospel Music Chart

#1 (LW3) Pastor Mike, Jr.


(from Impossible)

#2 (LW2)Tasha Cobbs Leonard

"Burdens Down"

(from Hymns)

#3 (LW5)Crystal Aikin

"He Can Handle It"


#4 (LW7) - Tim Bowman, Jr.

"Nobody But God"

(from Welcome To Faith City)

#5 (LW1) VaShawn Mitchell

Feat. Donnie McClurkin

"See The Goodness"

(from Chapter X: See The Goodness)

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Gospel Music Songs


Metro Atlanta Christian Concerts & Family Events

Saturday, June 29

Gold City, Hyssongs,

North Metro Gospel Singings

Eastwood Baptist Church,

1150 Allgood Road, Marietta, 30062 

4:00 p.m. (770) 617-0359

Sunday, June 30

Danny Gokey

Freedom Sunday

First Baptist Atlanta,

4400 North Peachtree Road,

Atlanta, GA 30338

8:45 & 10:30 a.m.

Livestream at 10:30 a.m.

(770) 234-8300 

Join us for a celebration of freedom.

Friday, August 16

Gene Watson & Bellamy Brothers

Georgia Mountain Fair

1311 Music Hall Road,

Hiwassee, GA 30546

7:00 p.m. 706-896-4191

Sunday, August 18

The Inspirations, The Martins,

& The Perrys

Georgia Mountain Fair

1311 Music Hall Road,

Hiawassee, GA 30546

7:00 p.m. 706-896-4191

Saturday, August 24


Georgia Mountain Fair

1311 Music Hall Road,

Hiawassee, GA 30546

7:00 p.m. 706-896-4191

Sunday, October 13

Gold City, Anthem Edition, LeFevre Quartet

Gospel Day at the Georgia Mountain Fall Festival

1311 Music Hall Road,

Hiawassee, GA 30546

2:00 p.m. 706-896-4191

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1 - The Bible in a Year

(with Fr. Mike Schmitz)

2 - The Bible Recap

(with Tara Leigh-Cobble)

3 - WHOA That's Good Podcast

(with Sadie Robertson)

4 - The Bible Project Podcast

(In-depth conversations

about the Bible and theology)

5 - The Briefing

(Cultural Commentary from a Biblical Perspective with R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

7 - followHIM

(with Hank Smith & John Bytheway)

8 - With The Perrys

(Preston Perry and Jackie Hill Perry)

9 - Girls Gone Bible

(with Angela Halili

and Arielle Reitsma)

10 - Ascension

(The Catechism in a Year

with Fr. Mike Schmitz)

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Christian Podcasts

7 Summer Movies Your Children Will Want to Watch

The Garfield Movie (May 24)

Garfield's peaceful existence is shattered when two (canine) gangsters kidnap him and Odie and take them to their outpost, where Garfield is rescued by his long-lost father, Vic. The film includes solid lessons about reconciliation and features the voices of Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson, Hannah Waddingham, and Cecily Strong. Rated PG for action/peril and mild thematic elements.

Despicable Me 4 (July 3)

America's favorite supervillain-turned-good guy -- Gru -- is forced to go on the run with his family when the evil Max Superball escapes from prison. It's the fourth film in a franchise that began in 2010. It's a kid-friendly franchise with a redemptive story arc. Rated PG for action and rude humor.

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SEPH SCHLUETER "Counting My Blessings"

Seph Schlueter's "Counting My Blessings" exploded onto Billboard's Contemporary Christian Music charts a few weeks ago at #2 and is still holding strong at #3 on this week's chart.

Seph joined the LifeSongs Morning Show where he crushed the LifeSongs Lightning Round, geeked out about Lord of the Rings and offers some lovely encouragement on trusting Jesus. 

I love "Counting my Blessings." I was looking at your website. You’ve got another song you just did a video for. That song is even better. Like, it’s so good, dude.

It is so funny because, all of these songs were written like two years ago, so it’s funny that they come out and I’m, 'oh yeah, I forgot, I like this one, you know?' But, at the same time, really excited because I’ve been writing so much in those two years and I have new stuff that I’m even more excited. So it’s just funny how that all at all pans out.

"Counting my Blessings." Jordan and Jonathan...were talking about life, all the things going on. And it was this really cool moment where, for all three of us, the way we phrased it. we were living in the answer to prayers that we had prayed years ago. We had prayed for this to happen in our families, in our careers. So often, we’re so focused on lhe next big dream and upcoming thing that we just forget to pause and just thank God for, what He’s done. We wrote just from that place of wanting to give God gratitude and just fix our eyes on Him, because, there’s going to be easy moments and tough moments. Not everything is perfect. But in those moments, if you pause and look, you can always find a reason to be grateful.

I get messages all the time from LifeSongs listeners... "I was having a rotten day, and then you played that song from Seph and I started counting my blessings... started listing them out, and it completely changed my outlook on the day.

Oh praise God, that’s so cool. That’s what I love to hear. That’s the reason I do what I do.

You were born in Pennsylvania, grew up in Ohio. Give us some background.

Moved to Ohio when I was 13. I’ve been here since. Worked as a missionary, grew up in an awesome Christian family my whole life, but really gave my life to the Lord as a sophomore in high school. It's where I really encountered Him. And it wasn’t in like a big, powerful moment. It was literally just coming to Him day to day in prayer. He became more real to me and I wanted to serve Him. Ministry and music is the way that He’s called me to do that. I’m so blessed I get to do this full time that this gets to be what I love to do.

If you have faith, especially for my generation. My generation struggles a lot with feeling like we have permission to talk about our faith. We can come out and say it without being judged, you know? 

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“Sarah Jakes Roberts”

Power Moves

Preaching powerhouse Sarah Jakes Roberts new book. “Power Moves: Ignite Your Confidence and Become a Force," entered this month's Christian Booksellers' Top 50 list at #1.

The daughter of the iconic Bishop TD Jakes says that, despite her famous father, her style is different and will resonate with old and young alike.

The New York Times bestselling author, businesswoman and media personality says that she wrote "Power Moves" as a working mother, at gymnastics class with her daughter and in between extracurricular activities with her children.

She also shares how her non-traditional story, history, and style reaches people where they are, including on social media. 

Where did the inspiration

for the book come from?

SJR: Whenever I had finished speaking, people would always tell me like, that was so powerful, You're so powerful. But I didn't really feel powerful, like I'd be in the fight of my life up there. And I started just asking God, like, what does it mean to truly be powerful? And I feel like God just revealed to me that it has so much to do with obedience and authenticity...but, not only that, that power is a flow. So, what makes me powerful when I'm preaching is different than what makes me powerful as a mother. So, I started digging into the fluidity of power and this notion that power moves and embracing that from season to season really started resonating with me.

I saw you preaching yesterday and you said something to the extent of being in control is not power. Control is not power. What does that mean?

Whenever we lose our sense of safety, I think our initial response is to try and control as much as we can after that, instead of really surrendering to whatever the moment is trying to teach us and discovering the power, the wisdom, the lessons...and that we control it.

As a result, we end up closing ourselves out, not just from whatever God's trying to teach us in the moment, but sometimes dynamic relationships that can be helpful to us. So, balancing this idea of vulnerability and openness so that power can flow through us I think should be the goal of anyone who really wants to affect change in the world.

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Mandisa's cause of death revealed in autopsy report

The official cause of death for award-winning contemporary Christian singer Mandisa has been revealed, with an official saying that the 47-year-old died from obesity-related health issues.

Mandisa had been found dead in her home on April 18, with many speculating about the cause of death, as the former “American Idol” contestant’s struggles with depression being well documented.

The autopsy report, a copy of which was acquired by People magazine, listed Mandisa’s death as being related to Class III obesity and was of natural causes. She was 488 lbs. at the time of death.

WebMd defines Class III obesity as being when a person has a body mass index of more than 40 (a normal BMI range being 18.5-24.9), “a BMI of greater than 35 with at least one serious obesity-related condition, or being more than 100 pounds over your recommended weight.”

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Christian Booksellers'

Top Christian Books 

#1 - Sarah Jakes Roberts

“Power Moves”

Ignite Your Confidence and Become a Force

#2 - John Mark Comer

"“Practicing The Way"

Be with Jesus. Become like him. Do as He did

#3 - Savannah Guthrie

“Mostly What

God Does”

Reflections on Seeking and Finding

His Love Everywhere

(2 Months at #1)

#4 - Gary Chapman

“The 5 Love Languages”

The Secret To Love That Lasts

(New Edition)

#5 - Sarah Young

“Jesus Calling”

Enjoying Peace In His Presence

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“WHOA That’s Good,”

Christian Podcast of the Year, SADIE ROBERTSON HUFF’s Message to This Generation: ‘Be the Light of the World’

Sadie Robertson Huff's “WHOA That’s Good,” won the recent K-Love Podcast Impact award for the year's best Christian podcast. "WHOA That’s Good” podcast boasts over 40 million listens

The TV personality and speaker has a message for this generation: she wants them to “be the light of the world.”

In an interview with Chuch Leaders on May 30, Huff encouraged young listeners to “be the light of the world” because it’s what “Jesus said” his followers should be.

“I think when things get dark, it’s so tempting to do what he said not to do and hide and be like, ‘Oh, it’s so dark,’ and get scared,” Huff said.

“You [are called] to actually help make the world a better place,” she said. “So it’s not the time to cower back. It’s not the time to hide; it’s actually the time to fully take him at his word and be the light.”

She hopes that listeners will follow that call and take it “seriously.”

“In this generation, we struggle a lot with our identity — with who we are,” Huff said. “And I love that that’s one place in Scripture that Jesus says, ‘You are the light of the world.’ Like, that is your identity.”

“Huff, who rose to fame in the reality series DUCK DYNASTY, hosted the 11th annual K-LOVE Fan Awards along with Brandon Lake on TBN.

“What an honor to know that people care about it, and are nominating it,” Huff told Church Leaders. “If people listen to my podcast and receive what I receive when listening to others’ podcasts, that is so special to me.”

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Atlanta Christian
Radio Station Guide
Top Contemporary Christian Stations

104.7FM, The Fish

93.3FM - The JoyFM

106.7FM, K-LOVE

91.5FM - Victory 91.5

Top Gospel Stations

102.5FM - Praise 102.5

Top Southern Gospel Stations

90.7FM & 91.7FM - NewLife Radio

Top Religious Talk Stations

970AM - Faith Talk 970

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Metro Atlanta Christian Radio Stations With Links To Their Official Websites

SGN Scoops Magazine Top 100 Southern Gospel Music Charts

#1 (LM3) -

The Guardians Quartet -

“Heaven Is Happening”

(from Come On In)

#2 (LM2) - Gold City -

“Help Is On The Way"


#3 (LM5) -

Bryan Free & Assurance -

“Meet Me At The Cross”

(from Meet Me At The Cross)

#4 (LM16) - Down East Boys - “There's A Song For That”

(from There's A Song For That)

#4 (LM8) -

The Booth Brothers -

"Stand In The Storm”

(from Speak Jesus)

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Loving Your Wife with Your Words

By Jim Daly,

President of Focus on the Family

One of the keys to a great marriage is thoughtful, intentional communication. The words you use, the way you speak, your body language and how you listen and respond will either build up your relationship or tear it down.

While strong communication is important for both spouses, husbands often need extra help developing this skill. Author Ryan Frederick is joining me on Focus on the Family with Jim Daly to help husbands love their wives well through good communication habits.

We discuss:

  • The underlying premises of good communication.
  • Why words are a unique way of loving your wife.
  • How to learn what you don’t know.
  • Why you shouldn’t underestimate “small” communication.
  • How to build a shared language with your wife.

Ryan says, “Improving your communication is your most potent and immediate opportunity to improve your marriage.”

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Atlanta Christian Artists

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Top Christian Artists From Metro Atlanta

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Top Christian Artists From In And Outside Of Atlanta

See the official music video of the #4 CCM song by

Tauren Wells with We The Kingdom & Davies, Take It All Back“

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"Windows" by Pastor Mike, Jr. - Click Here

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"Praise" by Elevation Worship Feat. Brandon Lake,

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"He Can Handle It" by Crystal Aikins - Click Here

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"Counting My Blessings," by Seph Schlueter - Click Here

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"Heaven Is Happening" by The Guardians Quartet - Click Here

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"Help Is On The Way" - Click Here

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Radio host, best selling author

Dave Ramsey

15 Summer Savings Tips

Ahh, sweet summertime. It’s the season for hangouts by the pool, neighborhood barbecues, family vacations and all things outdoors. But while those and all our other favorite warm-weather activities are fun, they aren’t exactly free—and the costs can spin out of control if you aren’t careful.

So, to make sure you stay on budget, we’ve got 15 summer saving tips to help you save money without sacrificing any fun.

15 Ways to Save Money This Summer

1. Trim up your entertainment budget. - Having fun these days can be pretty expensive. Date nights, movie nights and afternoons at the mall can add up quickly—to the tune of hundreds of dollars. Ouch! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to have summertime fun without spending a gazillion dollars every month.

Make the most of free stuff like outdoor concerts, movie-on-the-lawn nights and free days at local museums. Borrow free DVDs from the public library or take advantage of free streaming services instead of overspending at the movie theater. Cook dinner for your friends at home, and split the cost instead of going to a restaurant.

Taking steps like those could easily wind up saving you $100 a month.

2. Skip the theme park. - The one-day ticket price for a theme park ranges from about $50 to well over $100 per person (thanks, Disney). That means a family of four could pay anywhere from $200–400 just to get into the park—and that doesn’t even count food, drinks and that souvenir roller coaster picture. Sheesh!

Amusement parks are definitely fun, but you can save a lot of money by visiting a state park in the great outdoors instead. Many parks are free or only charge a small entry fee per carload. And plenty of state parks have great swimming spots and beautiful places for a picnic lunch. So pack the swimsuits and some sandwiches, and enjoy a great day.

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Alabama Supreme Court rules against 44 churches trying to leave the UMC

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The Benison ATL in Metro Atlanta

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Roswell reaffirms church expansion despite backlash from neighbors

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Talk About Faith: 'A Mighty Thing' 

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Tyler Perry and DeVon Franklin Have New Arrangement To Produce Faith-Based Films on Netflix - Click Here

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‘The Chosen’ Season 4—

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TV Series 'The Chosen Returns To Utah To Film Fifth Season

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Sense of peace' - Click Here

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Music Notes Green

Seph Schlueter & Wife Make A Baby Announcement

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‘The EXILE’ Album, ‘Grave Robber’ Success, & More - Click Here

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Continues To Evolve - Click Here

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‘Deeper Waters'- Click Here

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kidney disease - Click Here

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