Outlook 2024 offers the Janney Investment Strategy Group’s baseline prognostications for the economy, the equity and fixed income markets, their evolution, and investment implications in the New Year. After reading this in depth article below, give us a call if you would like to discuss your situation.

What’s changing for retirement in the coming year? Spoiler alert: Inflation adjustments and the phase-in of the retirement law Secure 2.0, signed by President Joe Biden at the end of 2022, will have major ramifications. Our second article shares a snapshot of what’s ahead for retirees in 2024.  Let us know if this raises any questions regarding your investment planning.

This month's "What's Happening Now" section shares stories on a stunning cruise ship that is redefining luxury at sea, the renovation of a forgotten Philip Johnson home in upstate New York, and a lady bought a vase at Goodwill for $3.99, and sold it for $107,100 at auction.

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Outlook 2024

Outlook 2024 offers the Janney Investment Strategy Group’s baseline prognostications for the economy, the equity and fixed income markets, their evolution, and investment implications in the New Year.

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The biggest changes for retirement coming in 2024

Cooling inflation and a recent stock market surge have delivered a welcome comeback for many retirement savings accounts. Toss in the 8.7% increase in the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in January for beneficiaries' monthly checks, and the retirement landscape for retirees perked up in 2023.

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What's Happening Now

Stunning Cruise Ship Is Redefining Luxury at Sea 

Forgotten Philip Johnson Home Gets New Lease on Life

Woman’s $3.99 Goodwill Vase Sells For $107,000

Market Update

The year 2023 was dominated by inflation and the Federal Reserve's restrictive policy in response to it. The year began with inflation at about 6.5%, with the Fed raising interest rates despite fears of rising unemployment and an economic recession. But while the focus remained on inflation, several other events occurred during the year, including the a political battle over the debt ceiling and a potential government shutdown; the collapse of several banks; labor strikes; and unrest in the Middle East.

As 2023 drew to a close, there were some positives to consider upon entering the new year. The GDP expanded at a greater-than-expected pace in the third quarter, and crude oil and gas prices reversed course and dipped lower. Primary inflationary indicators, such as the Consumer Price Index and the personal consumption expenditures price index, trended lower at the end of the year. If interest rates decrease, borrowing will be available to more consumers, which should help the housing sector. Stocks enjoyed a solid bounce back in 2023. If corporate earnings continue to rebound, that would bode well for stocks in 2024. There are factors that will come into play next year, but how they impact the economy and markets is open to speculation. How much longer will the Russia/Ukraine war last, and how much more financial aid will be coming from the United States? The Hamas/Israel conflict could expand to include other countries, impacting other lives and economies. And, of course, 2024 brings with it a presidential election.

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