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Caring for Families Who Love Their Pets
Tips to Help You Deal With Loss
  1. Take time to let grief run its course.
  2. Be honest with yourself about your feelings.
  3. Talk to a close friend about what you are going through.
  4. Get plenty of rest.
  5. Eat healthy and take a nice walk to clear your mind.
  6. Write a letter to yourself or to your pet of what you wanted to say before the loss.
  7. Focus on good memories instead of the "what if's."
  8. Realize there may be setbacks and that it's ok.
  9. Find a mental health counselor or family therapist you can go to for help with your grieving process.
  10. Allow yourself to feel happiness.

What Pet Urn Should I Get?
This is a very common question people ask after losing their beloved companion.  With literally hundreds of options to choose from this task can often appear daunting, especially in the midst of grief.  To help simplify your decision, consider these 5 items:
  • Characteristics
  • Footprint of the Pet Urn
  • Other Pets
  • Other Items
  • All or Some
You can learn in detail how each of these items will impact your urn buying decision by visiting:
  Pet Urns--Which One To Choose
  Buying Pet Urns--What to Consider

The purchase of your pet's urn involves careful consideration of an array of issues.  I encourage you to take your time so that the urn you place your pet in is just the perfect combination, reminding you of everything that made your pet special.

Angel Companions 

Created of either metal or resin and available in several different colors, this urn shows a resting dog or kitty that has earned its wings.  Around the neck is a heart shaped ID tag platform where an engraved plate can be affixed with your pet's name.  Shown above is the bronze on the left and the silver on the right.  A perfect resting place for the angel in your life. 
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Enjoy the springtime season upon us,


Deb Chebatoris
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation