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March 15, 2021 Volume 11 Number 3

President Aoki and Achievement Corporation Are Very
Influential in Japan

Satoshi (Sah toh shi) Aoki was seventeen years old when he left a difficult family situation and went to Tokyo to find his birth mother. In Tokyo, the only employment he could find as a junior high school graduate was a welding apprenticeship. So he became a welder. Meanwhile, a family member let his natural mother know Satoshi was in Tokyo. She found him after a search of all the welding shops in Tokyo, and took him to her home.
Satoshi continued working, and finally started his first business, which failed. To address his debts, he decided to sell Encyclopedia Britannica in Japan! He became an outstanding performer, and was #1 in sales in Japan for three years in a row. He was promoted to management, and later taught his team members sales skills. Two of these team members became #1 in the world for Britannica sales! This story truly reflects the beginnings of a self-made man!
His path then led him to a consulting business. His manager was a Japanese Christian, and introduced Satoshi to the Bible—a book he says has had great influence on him. He also met Pastor and Professor Masaki Kakitani, a psychologist, who began to teach him Choice Theory. Masaki had received training from Chaplain Rhon Carleton. Chaplain Carleton was serving in the US Air Force Chaplaincy in Yokota, Japan, and was also an early Institute faculty member (since 1984).
In 1987, Satoshi attended the second Basic Intensive seminar ever given in Japan, facilitated by Rhon Carleton with Masaki Kakitani translating. Control Theory had been published in 1984, and Professor Kakitani was official translator for all Glasser books published in Japanese. So, Satoshi was able to continue to study Reality Therapy in Japanese. With accurate comprehension of the concepts, Satoshi, influenced by reality therapy and the book Think and Grow Rich (by Napoleon Hill), was able to increase some of his clients’ business profits up to seven fold.
Dr. Glasser was invited to Japan to speak to Japanese audiences in 1989. At that time, Satoshi met Dr. Glasser and expressed his wish to begin a business based on Reality Therapy. So, at 32 years of age, Satoshi founded Achievement Corporation. (continued below)
The William Glasser Institute Ireland 20th National Convention will be day of online presentations featuring Glasser Institute members from around the world. Three sessions wil run concurrently, so each registrant can view four of the twelve presentations live. Everyone will have access to recordings of all the presentations after the conclusion of the meetings.
The Convention will convene at 2PM (1400 UTC), and conclude at 7PM (1900) UTC on Saturday, March 20th. You can calculate the times for your time zone using the www.thetimezoneconverter link.
To determine the time of a presentation that interests you, begin with placing the UTC time of the presentation the upper right side of the calculator. Then enter a city near you in the lower left square. The converter will calculate your local time for that presentation. Of course, if you also have local differences due to Daylight Savings Time, you may need to make an additional adjustment.

Better hurry, the conference is selling out fast! The opening ceremony is already at capacity, so later registrants will be unable to hear the introductory remarks. It will be wonderful to see you there
(Continued from above) Achievement Corporation of Japan has emerged as a premier Human Resources agency. In the course of 34 years, Satoshi facilitated more than 700 formal three day personal development Choice Theory based monthly seminars. 87.5% of the monthly participants have been referred by word of mouth, and Japanese speaking people may travel long distances to attend. To date, roughly 45,000 people have participated in the program. As the company has grown, Satoshi has been joined by his wife, Hiroko, who is a talented administrator and Executive Administrative Director for Achievement.
Since its beginning, Achievement has continued to grow. Current staff includes two hundred active employees in five locations all over Japan. The average Achievement employee’s age is 30 which is reflected in the outstanding vigor and resilience of the corporation. Through experience, the company Mission has been to refine the pursuit of quality. Achievement’s goal is to contribute to the creation of customer results, the pursuit of both physical and mental well-being of all employees, and to the peace and prosperity of society through high-quality human resource education based on Choice Theory.
Part of the Affiliated services includes a speakers training program. Motivational speakers master the ability to introduce Choice Theory based curriculum to Japanese audiences. Achievement has also been recognized for excellence throughout Japan and has received an award from Best Workplaces in Japan for six consecutive years.ears (bottom of page)
We are pleased to affirm that Achievement has committed to supporting WGI Japan in planning the William Glasser Institute International Meetings scheduled for 2022. Sessions will be a hybrid model of in-person and virtual presentations for those who will be unable to travel to Japan. You are cordially invited to Japan to attend this conference, scheduled for July 27, 2022 @12 AM to July 30 @12 AM.
By Carleen Glasser
March, 2021

Jeff Steedman has a new book on Lead Management. Congratulations, Jeff!
Dr. Glasser wrote only one book devoted to business, published just before changed his theory name to Choice Theory. It includes a very clear description of Lead Management.
Virtual Advanced Intensive Training Online
April 2-4, 2021
Les Triché

Virtual Basic Intensive Training Online
April 2-4, 2021
Les Triché

Virtual Basic Intensive Training
April 5-8, 2021
Kim Olver

Virtual Basic Intensive Training
April 15-17, 2021
Mona Dunkin

Basic Instructor Level 1
 Dr. Jean Seville Suffield & Nancy Herrick
March 26 - March 28

Open Basic Training
Dr. Jean Sevillle Suffield, Francesco Bazzocchi
April 9 - April 11

Open Advanced Training
 Dr. Jean Sevillle Suffield, Nancy D. Herrick
April 9 - April 11

WGI Research Symposium
April 10: Using CT/RT to Help College Students Manage Stress
Dr. Cynthia Mason
586 291 8025 Code Research
GIFCT is planning a conference in St. Louis, Missouri, in July of 2021. There will be both in person and online options. Please watch for further information.

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