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Advertising By Chiropractors  

Sometimes government representatives are forced to state the obvious.  This is what comes to mind when reading CBC's recent article "Advertising by some Manitoba Chiropractors undermines Public Health"

The article begins with the comment,

"There is no evidence that chiropractic is effective in treating cancer and autism and any of those things that they are apparently claiming that they can treat," said Dr. Alan Katz, director of the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy.

And yet the article also points out that:

Manitoba is the only province in the country that universally covers a portion of chiropractic treatments for all residents, to a limit of 12 visits per year....The fact that members of a regulated health profession are actively disseminating questionable medical information while benefiting from public funds is cause for concern, Katz said.

The Manitoba government has a a very obvious policy message they could send to the quacks who seek to undermine public health: Cut it out, or we cut you out.

In other public health policy news....

The American Chemistry Council has launched a Campaign for Accuracy in Public Health Research stating that:

Leading scientists have criticized International Agency for Research on Cancer's Monographs Program for its lack of transparency, minimal consideration of the weight of scientific evidence, misapplied conflict of interest policies and confusing communication of its monograph decisions. Rather than informing consumers of carcinogenic risks in realistic exposure scenarios, IARC considers only a substance's hazard-whether the substance could cause cancer in humans under any circumstances, in most cases at exposure levels far beyond what is typical.

Who is ACC?

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) represents the leading companies in the business of chemistry. Our companies make the products that make modern life possible. ACC members have made a voluntary commitment to uphold the highest standards for protecting health, safety, and the environment. ACC is committed to improved environmental, health and safety performance through the world-class Responsible CareĀ® initiative, participation in which is a condition of ACC membership. Membership brings with it important business opportunities and information, including meetings and networking, economics, statistics, publications and a special forum responding to the needs of smaller and medium-sized enterprises. Our member companies are also taking a leadership role in ensuring that chemistry facilities are secure.

ACC's Vision: Promote and protect the business of chemistry's leadership in driving innovation, creating jobs and enhancing safety in our performance, processes and products.

Public Health Conference

The Ontario Healthy Schools Coalition is pleased to present a full two day 2017 Healthy Schools Conference.  The theme for this year's conference is Ontario's Well-being Strategy for Education , and what it will mean for the province's schools. 

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