August 2018
Smartphone maker Xiaomi was caught in the middle of a spat between the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and mainland counterparts when its IPO fell flat on opening day. However, there are other reasons why investors may be shy.  

Special Needs of Public Broadcasters for ATSC 3.0
Pioneering U.S. terrestrial broadcasters are looking for next-generation TV to transform their businesses and allow them offer services previously not possible. Thanks to the flexibility of ATSC 3.0, mobile, data distribution, multichannel offerings, cloud-based VOD and ultra-high definition are all on the table.

The Next Wireless Revolution Is Coming (No, Not 5G)
Replacing wired connections with wireless ones is not a new idea. And now we are on the verge of another "cableless" revolution: ubiquitous wireless power. This wireless charging will likely be as common for smartphones and other low-power accessories as wireless headphones as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is now.

TV Spectrum Repack
DTC's extensive U.S. TV repack transition study laid out how much time and money it would take for hundreds of broadcasters to move to new channel assignments. Congress allocated $1.75 billion to complete the transition. DTC's study showed a cost of $2-$3 billion. The study's results were heard. Recently, additional repack funds were allocated to a Federal Communication Commission reauthorization bill (HR 4986) making its way through Congress.

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