This month we are doing a spin on the usual Heart Health information and introducing you to the benefits of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine for Cardiovascular health; most notably Stroke Rehabilitation. Acupuncture has been very successfully used in Stroke Rehab both in the East & the West. Our own Acupuncturist, Monica Kim, LAc, became an Acupuncturist because of her fathers success in using Acupuncture to recover from an almost fatal stroke when Monica was just a child. In Monica's words, "My father was showing very little signs of recovery months after his stroke. The stroke left him paralyzed on his left side. He was depressed and the family felt hopeless. MORE...  

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Is there research on acupuncture and the Heart?
Yes. As long as 15 years ago, UCLA researchers found that acupuncture treatments can significantly lower stress and improve heart function in even the very sickest heart failure patients.

Red Rice Yeast instead of prescription statins?

In June 2009, in an issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, a study was published showing that a red rice yeast supplement worked as well to lower LDL("bad") cholesterol as prescription statin drugs. With prescription or natural statins, make sure to add a quality CoQ10 supplement for optimum function of muscles, including the heart muscle.

Fact: Heart disease is the #1 killer in North America.

People think Breast Cancer is #1, but the #1 killer of women, killing more women than all forms of cancer combined, is Heart Disease. It is also the #1 killer of menHeart Health is vitally important to all of us.

What kind of Fish is best for a healthy Heart?

Omega-3 fatty acids are the key that can reduce your blood pressure and risk of blood clots. The fish with the highest levels are: Salmon, Halibut, Albacore Tuna, Sardines, Herring, Lake Trout, and Mackerel. The American Heart Assoc. recommends at least two servings of fish, grilled or baked, a week.

What foods are good for Heart Health?
The Mayo Clinic gives this advice to improve your cholesterol numbers: eat Oatmeal, Kidney Beans, Apples, Pears, Barley, Prunes,  Fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Pecans, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, and Avocados.

Your Heart works amazingly hard.
Take care of it.

Your heart pumps 3,000 gallons of blood each day. In a year it pumps over 1,000,000 gallons. It deserves some TLC.

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