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VC Gary Rieschel:
"China is going to eat our lunch."  

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SF 2019
VC Hans Tung:
"China does make Silicon Valley look sleepy."
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Sept. 18, 24

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September 23
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October 10

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October 23

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November 5

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China's Web Innovates Super Fast!
China's TikTok 15-second video apps  have caught on in the West.   
Its Chinese creator, ByteDance, is the first 
global web giant from China.  
Read about it in 
China's web differs from the West and it's challenging the world by innovating faster.
Let me count the ways. China's mobile apps offer all-in-one services, not the silo-type Western model of one service per app. Chinese apps also are more social and interactive. And they integrate e-commerce shops and sales of virtual goods as a key revenue generator. China's apps have found a big following in rural and poor areas, too -- another difference. 
Here's a few examples of how China's web contrasts with Facebook, Uber, Instagram, Amazon and Netflix.  
Read Forbes: China's Web
What Trade Trouble?
China loosens foreign ownership limits in its financial sector one year earlier than expected. As Nixon Peabody points out, these moves by China to open up its economy put pressure on U.S. and other foreign investors to consider opportunities in China before their competitors get rooted there first.  
Read Forbes: What Trade Trouble?
Mobilizing Innovation in SoCal
 A new center of tech leadership is developing in LA linked to digital entertainment and mobility innovation, and China connections.
China deal making has slowed in Hollywood given tech and trade tensions, and it's questionable when capital flows will start again. Meanwhile, my Forbes post notes that LA has become a thriving innovation base. It's a home to  ByteDance, maker of red-hot video app Toutiao and hightest valued unicorn globally, Chinese drone maker DJI and Chinese EV maker BYD. 
We're in LA, July 24-25, for our  event, Mobilizing Innovation .  
We'll have Tech Titans of China books for signing in LA.  
Sequoia Capital China and Eastern Bell Capital pour $36 million in LCSC, an online marketplace for electronic components in China.   
IDG Capital, Source Code Capital and Sequoia Capital China put $50 million in OPay, an Africa-focused mobile payments startup founded and incubated by Chinese-owned browser Opera.
Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital India inject $60 million of funding in Moglix, a fast-growing B2B commerce company in India. 
Falcon Capital leads Series C funding in student housing operator  Living Stanza in India. 
MyMoneyMantra raises $15 million for expansion in India from Dutch investment firm  IFSD BV and Vaalon Capital
EBay has acquired a 5% stake in Indian e-commerce marketplace Paytm Mall, in heated e-retail segment. 
Tencent -backed esports livestreamer Douyu raises $775 million in Nasdaq IPO, biggest China IPO so far this year. WSJ How Douyu won the livestreaming war to become China's Twitch . Abacus 
The Science and Technology Board opens in Shanghai, with 25 companies trading. China is lowering the listing threshold for the new board to attract Chinese technology companies to go public at home.

VC firms are switching their focus from a crowded China to southeast Asia, a trend I write about in my new book. In Jakarta, they're often beaten to the brightest prospects. local firm, Alpha JWC Ventures, has backed Indonesia's unicorns from the beginning, ahead of Sand Hill Road players or Tencent and Alibaba. FT

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