Weekly Encouragement from Stephen Estock
As leaders in ministry to children, we have the privilege of coming alongside parents to encourage and equip them so they tell the next generation about the great works of God (Psalm 78:5-7). Last week, B.A. Snider and Jimmy Brock helped us think beyond the typical Sunday morning program to consider the many ways we present God’s Word to help children grow in relationship to Him and each other.
In B.A.’s seminar, we were encouraged to hear how the format of the GROW conference has made it easier for you to process and learn. In November, the Children’s Ministry Team will meet to discuss what other topics may be helpful to address in a virtual format. 
This week’s webinar will be hosted by Dana Russell, who is a member of the CM Team and serves in the Boston area at Christ the King PC. She will examine ways we can equip children to stand firm in the present culture. A featured resource this week is written by another member of our CM Team, Lisa Updike. As she searched for a child-friendly book to help parents address issues of sexuality, she decided to write About Being a Boy or Girl. This book is something parents and young children can read together to see how God makes boys and girls different for His glory.
This week’s featured GROW workshop is by Laney Stayton, another member of the CM Team from North Shore Fellowship in Chattanooga, TN. In “Understanding and Reaching the Whole Child,” Laney encourages leaders to move beyond the idea of “moving kids through a program” to see the beauty of serving as God’s instruments to nurture the growth of fellow image bearers.
For those who have been blessed by the GROW conference and want to go deeper, consider checking out the CDM certification program for CM leaders. This 12-month, web-based program is designed by the CM Team to equip leaders in the practical knowledge and skills needed to serve in the local church. There is more information on the CDM website.
Webinar Calendar
All webinars begin at 7:30 pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, September 22 - Equipping Kids to Stand Firm in the Present Culture (Dana Russell)
  • Thursday, September 30 - Outreach: Relational Engagement with Our Community Kids (Joseph Parker)
  • Tuesday, October 5 - Teaching Children to Worship God in a Corporate Worship Setting (Becky Sinclair)

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