Weekly Encouragement from Stephen Estock

Week 4
A GROWing discipleship ministry seeks to engage all generations of the covenant community in the effort to build relationships centered on the Word of God. Last week, Ashley Belknap explored the wide scope of ministry to those who may not thrive in a discipleship ministry because of intellectual, emotional, developmental, or physical challenges. Her insight applies in many educational situations. You can watch the recording at this link.

This week, there are two webinars. Tonight, B.A. Snider will consider the opportunities we have to make disciples outside the traditional Sunday morning context. Parents have the blessed privilege and responsibility to talk about the things of God “when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise” (Deut. 6:7). On Thursday, Jimmy Brock will examine the elements of a transformational summer ministry. His thoughts will be particularly helpful as you think about what you may have done this summer.

Next week, Dana Russell, a CM Director in the Boston area, will consider how to equip children to live faithfully in the midst of today’s culture. 

If your ministry covers a range of students, be sure to watch Sherry Kendrick’s workshop on presenting the good news of Jesus through all the ages and stages of childhood. The message of the gospel never changes, but the method adapts to the educational needs and abilities of the child. Sherry’s work builds on the great resource found in Jack Klumpenhower’s Show Them Jesus

This week’s highlighted resources will help you as you think through the webinars. Sarah Merrick’s podcast on Scripture Memory reviews a program that has been very fruitful for parents and children at Perimeter Church in Atlanta. As you think about next year’s summer curriculum, be sure to investigate Space Probe by VBS Reachout Adventures.
Webinar Calendar
All webinars begin at 7:30 pm Eastern
  • Monday, September 13 - Beyond Sunday Morning (B.A. Snider)
  • Thursday, September 16 - Transformational Summer Ministry (Jimmy Brock)
  • Wednesday, September 22 - Equipping Kids to Stand Firm in the Present Culture (Dana Russell)
  • Thursday, September 30 - Outreach: Relational Engagement with Our Community Kids (Joseph Parker)
  • Tuesday, October 5 - Teaching Children to Worship God in a Corporate Worship Setting (Becky Sinclair)

All links for the webinars will be listed once you log into the Grow website.