Thank You from Stephen Estock
Thank you again for being a part of the first ever GROW virtual conference. We are encouraged by reports of how the “live event” was helpful in casting a vision for a new year of ministry.

Hopefully, you have already begun to look through the 7 workshops now available on the GROW conference website. These topics are common issues faced by CM workers in PCA churches. If you have parents or leaders in your ministry who struggle with the PCA view of baptism, be sure to watch Bryan Chapell’s workshop. The content reflects pastoral advice he offered at Grace PC when members struggled with understanding covenant baptism.

This week, we launch the third part of the GROW conference: the webinars. BA Snider leads the first one on Thursday, August 26, at 7:30 pm ET. The topic is “Classroom Management” and will examine ways to minimize distraction and maximize the learning experience every week. Next week, John Kwasny will help you think through ways to cast a congregation-wide vision to help children follow Jesus. Our plan is to record these webinars so you are able to view them again later. 

Group leaders, if you gathered to watch the live event, please make sure your attendees have the login information so they can participate on their home computers. We want you to get the full benefit of your group registration. Those who watched as individuals are still able to “upgrade” their registration. Contact Kathy Wargo.

Please check out the resources below available from the CDM website and PCA Bookstore
The Good News for Little Hearts series from New Growth Press enables parents and teachers to address issues in a gentle way. Zoe’s Hiding Place considers how to deal with anxiety 
Webinar Calendar
All webinars begin at 7:30 pm Eastern
  • Thursday, August 26 - Classroom Management (B.A. Snider)
  • Tuesday, August 31 - Developing a Congregational Vision for Discipling Children (John Kwasny)
  • Tuesday, September 7 - Unique Needs: How to Identify, Love, and Disciple Kids Impacted by Disability in Your Children's Ministry (Ashley Belknap)
  • Monday, September 13 - Beyond Sunday Morning (Sue Jakes)
  • Thursday, September 16 - Transformational Summer Ministry (Jimmy Brock)
  • Wednesday, September 22 - Equipping Kids to Stand Firm in the Present Culture (Dana Russell)
  • Thursday, September 30 - Outreach: Relational-engagement with our Community Kids (Joseph Parker)
  • Tuesday, October 5 - Teaching Children to Worship God in a Corporate Worship Setting (Becky Sinclair)

All links for the webinars will be listed once you log into the Grow website.