Kids' Ministries

Good Gifts Offering

Starting Sunday, March 5!

This Sunday, February 26th

This Sunday in Kids Ministries (Faith Circle, Godly Play and BibleLive!), our children will be learning about offering. They will learn about why we give offerings and what they are used for.

They will then get a bank that they can use at home to collect money to contribute on Sundays to Kids' Ministries offering!

Sundays, starting March 5th, have your kids bring their offerings up front to the Children's Message. There, one of your CYF staff will have a container to collect that offering.

Does it have to be every week? No.

Does it have to be a lot? No.

Every penny makes a difference. Keep reading to find out how we will be making a difference!

ELCA's Good Gifts

Good Gifts

As members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), we believe that God is calling us into the world – together. And with generous, loving hands, we can make a difference.

ELCA Good Gifts is an opportunity to provide critical support to the ministries and programs that make such a difference in the lives of others around the world.

100% of the offerings given by our Kids' Ministries will go to purchasing items off the below list.

Stop by the Good Gifts board to the right of the CYF Board in the rotunda at Our Saviour's and track our progress. Items that have been purchased will be clipped to the board for us all to celebrate!

Learn more about Good Gifts Here

Chicks - $10

Help a family spread their wings. When chicks grow up to become chickens, their eggs not only provide an ongoing supply of protein-rich meals — they can also help start a small business and generate a steady source of income.

Rooster - $15

Add a rooster to the chicken coop, and help the farm grow! More chickens on the farm mean more eggs to eat and sell at the market. This gift is a great leap forward for a family struggling with hunger and poverty.

Honeybees - $20

These busy bees didn’t get their reputation as hard workers for nothing! Support farmers and healthy honeybee colonies with this buzz-worthy gift. Honeybees provide honey to eat and beeswax to transform into handcrafted soaps and candles, allowing a farmer to start a small business selling their products. And as an added bonus, these little bees boost crop growth on the farm by pollinating plants everywhere they go.

Piglet - $30

This little piggy couldn’t be a bigger lifesaver. This gift is a source of natural fertilizer, helping a family’s crops grow tall and strong. If needed, taking a pig to the marketplace is like cashing out a savings account. The funds can be used to pay school fees for children or cover an emergency trip to the clinic.

Goat - $50

Limited space to graze? Dry land? This is the goat’s time to shine. Goats can go where other animals can’t, surviving in some of the world’s most challenging terrain and unreliable climates. Fresh milk from a goat provides daily nutrition for children and their families. What’s more, goats are incredibly quick to reproduce, and they provide an opportunity for families to pass the gift on to others.

Fish Farm - $250

Give your neighbors a fish, and they’ll eat for a day. Give your neighbors a community fish farm, and they’ll eat for a lifetime. A fish farm begins with a pond, training and a few fast-growing fish, such as tilapia. The entire community benefits from a longtime supply of fish, rich in vitamins, minerals and protein.


Please contact your CYF team with any questions. Thank you!

Leisha Tays, CYF Innovator,

Nathan Chastek, CYF Coordinator,

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