Cheshvan 5775 --- November 2014

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Save the Date: Global Day of Jewish Learning

"Heroes, Villains, Saints, and Fools: The People in the Book"

The Global Day of Jewish Learning is one of several adult education initiatives which will be held this yea in place of The Day of Discovery.  We will welcome your feedback as we explore new directions.

Sunday, November 16, 2014
Harry & Rose Samson Family JCC

2014-2015 CSI-Milwaukee Professional Development Class Schedule

"Teaching Children about G-d"
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
6:30-9:30 pm

"Inspiring Ourselves So We Can Inspire Our Students"
Sunday, December 7, 2014
2:00-5:00 pm

"The Nurtured Heart - A Program for Behavioral
Management that Promotes Positive Focus"
Wednesday, January 7, 2015
6:30-9:30 pm

"Connecting with G-d through the Arts"
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
6:30-9:30 pm

All classes held in Room 3J20 at the Harry & Rose Samson Family JCC

For More Information Contact:

Karen Torem
Professional Development Coordinator,
Coalition for Jewish Learning



What's NEXT:
The Professional Learning Program for Supplementary School Teachers

CJL is excited to announce that educators participating in CSI-Milwaukee will be able to enroll in online classes from Gratz College.  These offerings are specifically designed for religious school teachers.  All religious school teachers are welcome to enroll, but subsidies are only available to teachers participating in CSI-Milwaukee.  The next semester's classes are:
Enliven Your Classroom through Active Learning
(4 sessions start
October 27)

Experiential Education Strategies for the Classroom 
(4 sessions start
October 27)

Design Lessons "Backwards" to Propel Learning Forwards 
(4 sessions start
October 27)

Visit the Gratz College website for more information. 


J-WISE Updates

On September 21 J-WISE was represented in New York City at this year's People's Climate March.

Additionally, J-WISE has received a FEDovation award in a competition with other Federations, which recognizes J-WISE as an exemplary innovative program. 

J-WISE also debuted its new E-Update, an electronic mailing which provides recipients with valuable resources, upcoming events, and support for keeping your organization involved with J-WISE and its mission for Jewish text as a foundation for environmental sustainability.

To receive our monthly J-WISE E-Updates contact: 

Brittany Hager 
Administrative Assistant, Coalition for Jewish Learning 

Want to get involved in J-WISE?  Contact:

Dr. Steven Baruch
Director, Coalition for Jewish Learning




There are many fine sources for securing Jewish materials.  It is our intention to highlight some providers each month.  This month we share access information to: 
  • Laminator at Hillel Academy

call 414-962-9545 for more information  

  • Library at Harry & Rose Samson Family JCC

call 414-964-4444 for more information  

  • Die Cut Machine at Congregation Beth Israel Ner Tamid

call 414-352-7310 for more information 

  • Lorraine Cohen Music Collection at CJL office

call 414-963-2710 for more information 

  • Israel Land Map at CJL office

call 414-963-2710 for more information 



Community Wide Events

Jews Around the World Film Series: For A Woman (Pour une Femme) will be shown at the Harry & Rose Samson Family
Jewish Community Center on Sunday November 2, 2014 at 4pm followed by a talk back by Dr. Amy Shapiro.


Zohara Yaniv-Bachrach, professor emeritus from Israel, will emphasize the historical role of medicinal plants and the rich ethnobotanical traditions of Israel that highlight the cultural connections between Biblical traditions and modern times. Samples of herbal tea will be available.  Dr. Yaniv-Bachrach is the mother of the current Milwaukee community schlicha, Amit Yaniv-Zehavi, who is an avid participant in CJL's J-WISE program. Join us for her lecture on Monday, November 3, 2014 at 7:00pm at the Urban Ecology Center - Riverside Park.  REGISTER FOR EVENT HERE


Kristallnacht through the Eyes of Adolescents with Guest Speaker Walter Reed.  Join us to commemorate the November 9 & 10th Pogrom against Jews which took place throughout Nazi Germany and Austria.  Sunday, November 9, 2014 at from 2-3:30pm beginning at the Holocaust Memorial at 1360 N Prospect Avenue followed by a program in the Jewish Home and Care Center's Rubenstein Pavilion.

Stitching History from the Holocaust
tells the story of  Hedwig and Paul Strnad of Prague who in 1939 sent a letter to Milwaukee cousin Alvin Strnad pleading for help to come to the United States.  They included 8 of Hedwig's dress designs to show that they would be employable here.  Despite Alvin's best attempts, Paul and Hedwig were not able to come to this country and they perished in the Holocaust.  The Museum has had Hedwig's dresses actually created to honor her legacy and to remember all of the talent lost in the Holocaust.  This exhibit runs until Saturday, February 28, 2015.
Welcome to the Coalition for Jewish Learning's E-Newsletter! 

This newsletter is published on the first day of every month of the Jewish calendar.  We welcome your feedback and invite you to join us as we explore the joys of Jewish learning in Milwaukee and beyond!

Contact Us At:

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Dr. Steven Baruch 
Executive Director
Karen Torem
Professional Development Coordinator
Amanda Stein
Day School Grant Coordinator
Brittany Hager 
Administrative Assistant
Roger Carp
Advisory Board Chair



CSI - Milwaukee 

is CJL's Congregational School Initiative. The program includes: classes for teachers, seminars for educational directors, grants, school assessments, curriculum writing, and consultation.


CSI-Milwaukee is a partnership between the Coalition for Jewish Learning, the Synagogue Educators Council, the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, and Congregations Beth Israel Ner Tamid, Emanu-El B'ne Jeshurun, Emanu-El of Waukesha, Shalom, and Sinai.  


For more information email 


TRIP: Teacher Recognition & Incentive Program  
Educators develop a professional growth plan based on a self assessment of their own strengths and weaknesses.  CJL grants financial assistance to help educators carry out their professional growth plans. 

For more information email
Become a Legacy Partner!


The Coalition for Jewish Learning is part of the Create a Jewish Legacy Program of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation. 

Create a Jewish Legacy is a program that helps individuals and families create legacy gifts, providing a permanent source of support for the Jewish causes they care about.  The program is founded on the principle that all of us, regardless of age, wealth or affiliation, can make an enduring financial impact.

The Jewish Community Foundation of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation is sponsoring this program in partnership with area synagogues, agencies and day schools.  Together, we will create an even brighter future for our community.

Questions? Contact:

Dr. Steven Baruch
Director, Coalition for Jewish Learning

Saying Kaddish for My Christian Mother
by Paula Rosenberg

"As the second anniversary of my mother's passing approaches I've found myself reflecting on grief and how to mourn for someone of a different faith. I wanted to find the correct balance of following customs true to my heart and spiritual path while still acknowledging and respecting my mother's beliefs....." (read full article here)

Re-Focus: Creator of Jewish Lens Takes on Diversity

"In 2013, Zion Ozeri received a Covenant Award for outstanding teaching. His innovative educational project, The Jewish Lens, through which he trains teachers and motivates students to learn about and express Jewish diversity, values, and traditions through the art of photography, has had a valuable effect on the classroom by bringing the voice of the students into a powerful conversation...." (read full article here )


eTeacher Hebrew brings you more than just a Hebrew language course.  Each lesson is taught via a live video feed that allows you to communicate in real time with your teacher in Israel and with students around the world.  Learn Hebrew with eTeacher and join a community that cares.


21st Century Jewish Education at its Best: The Jewish Lens Launches New Online Curriculum

This powerful curriculum integrates images and Jewish texts seamlessly, and includes tools for educators, including a forum to share ideas, strategies and lesson plans. Also included is a Moodle-Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment-a digital platform for online assignments, students' posting of homework and projects, and classroom interaction.

We have heard that this year's NewCAJE program was terrific.  Let's discuss how the Coalition for Jewish Learning's TRIP initiative can help you attend NewCAJE next year.

Areyvut's mission is to infuse the lives of Jewish youth and teens with the core Jewish values of chesed (kindness), tzedakah (charity), and tikkun olam (social action), so that they become thoughtful, giving members of the Jewish community of tomorrow. 
Areyvut offers day schools, congregational schools, synagogues, community centers, and individual families with a variety of opportunities to help them make these core values real and meaningful to their children.