February 1, 2017


"As the Host of Tawk to Me, it's my aim to have thought provoking conversations with leading influencers who will boldly share the realities of today's single life, dating game, marriage mayhem and more!" - Ms. Marisha 

Tawk To Me is a monthly, digital interview series that will kick off Valentine's Day with mentor, entrepreneur and TV Host, Paul C. Brunson.  Get The Scoop (video) 

Dating Made Simple
W hat I Offer

My goal as a Matchmaker & Executive Coach is to help make dating as efficient and fun as possible. But more than that, I work with my clients to uncover their own personal hangups about relationships, define what success and happiness in love looks like, and then introduce them to an equally amazing person that's on the same page!     Join my confidential dating Rolodex, it's complimentary!


My professional journey has gifted me with many unique learning experiences, opportunities to connect with talented individuals, and develop an array of talents that I'm passionate about sharing in 2017 - and beyond! 

I'm excited to invite you to take this journey with me, be willing to learn, share, improve and connect. I am happy that our paths have crossed and I hope that however we connected, it has and will continue to be meaningful to your growth in love and life. 

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Ms. Marisha
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