May 2020

Virtual Mentoring 
Tips of the Month:

Mentors are getting creative when it comes to virtual mentoring, read below to learn how mentors are connecting with their students during virtual meetings:
  • Use "Hot Topic" flashcards to create the space for deep conversations with your mentee. You can create your own flashcards using Quizlet (a website that allows users to use and create flashcards, for FREE!) or check out conversation ideas others have create by clicking here!
  • Change your Zoom Background! Prior to the mentoring session, tell your mentee that you  will change your Zoom background to show your favorite movie, book, activity etc. and encourage them to do the same. During the meeting you can take some time to talk about what you both chose and why. To learn how to change your background on ZOOM,  click here!
  • Discover different careers with your mentee by using Florida Shine's Career Cruiser Packet. This packet is a a career and education planning guide that, among other things, encourages students to explore and reflect what careers would be well suited to their personality and interests. To download the packet, click here!
  • Continue working on activities from the mentor toolkit! Many of the activities in  TSIC's  Mentor Tool Kit & HEF's  Skills for Life booklet are just as effective during virtual mentoring sessions, as they are during in-person sessions. Consider emailing your mentee the activity page you want to review before starting your session, and read and work through the activity during your virtual meeting!

Claybra Selmon

How did you become involved with mentoring through the Hillsborough Education
I first became aware of Hillsborough County Education Foundation through an organization called Volunteer Match.

What has been the most rewarding part of mentoring?
The most rewarding part of Mentoring is helping young people find their purpose in life and watching their excitement as they explore their options, also encouraging them to dream big.

What do you believe is the key to being a quality mentor?
I believe the key to being a quality mentor is having the ability to listen and learn about your mentee in order to establish what their goals and desires are for their future. I feel it's important to encourage accountability and behaviors that lead to success. Also leading by example and celebrating who they are with each encounter 
When you are not working with students, how do you prefer to spend your free time?
When I am not with my students I spend my time working with a free clinic providing care for underserved communities as a nurse practitioner.  I also enjoy reading, traveling and spending time with my three grandchildren

TSIC Senior Earns a 4-Year F S scholarship

Last month, HEF surprised a TSIC Senior, Lizett, with a 4-Year scholarship to FSU. Lizett was overcome with tears of joy and financial relief when she was surprised with the good news. Please join us in congratulating Lizett!

We also want to give a big THANK YOU to the Tampa Bay Seminole Club. Their generosity has opened the doors for Lizett to attend the school of her dreams! Go Noles! 

Lizett, Senior at Armwood High Collegiate Academy
Top Left To Right: Kim Jowell (HEF's CEO), Anna Corman (Director of TSIC Program), Melanie Jimenez (College Success Coach)
Bottom Left to Right: Maylin Pino (Mentor), Lizett (Student)

If you would like to see a video of Lizett hearing about the good news for the first time, 
follow us on our Instagram.  You an find HEF under the name:  hillsedufnd
Florida Department of Education Launches Impact Survey
on Coronavirus Response
The Florida Department of Education has launched an education impact survey for Florida Educators and parents. It's for them to share their thoughts on the response to the coronavirus crisis from the department, their local school district, and their school, according to the Florida Department of Education. The feedback received will help them keep students safe while also ensuring they continue their education. To read more, click here .
Teens Fret Over Bright Futures Rules as College Deadlines Loom
Thousands of families in Florida are left sweating out the choice of whether to make their university deposit, and where, without being able to complete their Bright Futures process. They've called lawmakers and state officials, seeking more clarity on whether the state will hold them accountable for the test scores and volunteer hours they haven't had the chance to improve because of COVID-19. To read more,  click here.
Source: Tampa Bay Times
Florida Universities Seek to Drop ACT/SAT Requirement
for 2021 Admissions
Florida's public universities want ACT and SAT scores to be optional for students applying for 2021 admission, if the two national exams do not resume a regular testing schedule in August, according to a letter from admissions directors to the state. The change, if approved, would be temporary but also groundbreaking for Florida's 12 universities, where minimum scores on the exams are required and high scores are viewed as needed to get into the most-selective state schools. To read more,  

Source:  Orlando Sentinel

The College Success Team 
Director of TSIC
( 813) 463-4283
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College Success Coach
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