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May 2018
A Word from Jay...
What is a community development?

In this issue of our monthly E-news, we share with you the story of how our Housing Rehab Program has transformed a neighborhood in Dennis. 

Over the past couple of years, we have helped five low to moderate income home owners on Uncle Bill's Way with major repairs to their aging homes. The work has helped these families preserve their affordable homes, relieving them of the stress of figuring  out how to pay for repairs. For many Housing Rehab clients, the pride they feel about living in a well-kept home leads to a sense of security and confidence that greatly improves their quality of life and the character of their neighborhood.

By improving places, we have the potential to transform the lives of the people who live in those places. And residents who feel safe and confident are better able to engage in building stronger neighborhoods and healthier communities.

Community development is the work we do at the CDP to create  opportunities for people to live, work and thrive on the Lower Cape. Thanks to your support, we are able to nurture entrepreneu rs, create jobs, provide affordable places for people to live and make this special place a healthy and vibrant community.
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Supporting Local Businesses
Where Are They Now?
How the CDP Made Ice Cream and Strawberries a Model for Growth

"We are trying to design for quality of life."
                Lucas Dinwiddie, Halcyon Farm

For Mary DeBartolo, owner of The Local Scoop in Orleans, having an ice cream shop was a childhood dream that she never gave up.  An IT professional, she decided to take a leap of faith in 2013 and opened her own ice cream store.  "It was probably the best thing I have ever done and the most challenging, but it has been awesome," says Mary.

Growing up on the Cape and then living in California for a number of years, Lucas Dinwiddie, owner of Halcyon Farm, was always exposed to agriculture on "a massive scale." He knew small scale sustainable farming was what he wanted to do so in 2009 he moved back to the Cape and started Halcyon Farm, a quintessential community based enterprise. He focused on "building soil and growing good clean food for the people I live with," says Lucas.
The two are very close friends and have worked collaboratively as well - Lucas grows the organic strawberries that Mary uses in her artisanal ice cream.

Providing Safe, Stable & Affordable Housing

Mike Terasconi (L) and Bob Gorman (R) stand in front of Mike's newly shingled house. Bob's house, up on the hill, is going to be rehabbed this summer.

Transforming a Neighborhood One Household at a Time...

"It is truly transforming the neighborhood," says Mike. "It lifts the spirits, makes you proud to live on the street and proud of your home."
                 Mike Terasconi, Dennis
When the electrician went downstairs to check the panel at Mike and Celeste Terasconi's house in Dennis he couldn't believe his ears.  
The panel was  sizzling

He was at the house because the Terasconi's had become the CDP's newest Housing Rehab client and he needed to determine what electrical work was necessary. Had the panel not been checked it is very likely that an electrical fire would have occurred with potentially devastating consequences.

CDP in the NEWS
From Left to Right: Beth Bowman of the United Way, Jay Coburn, Andrea Aldana, Ben deRuyter, Ann Robinson and Barbara Wood of the CDP.
CDP Receives Non-Profit Excellence Award

Earlier this month the United Way hosted its Community Impact Celebration in Dennis at the Cape Cod Museum of Art.
The celebration highlights the programs and organizations funded by the United Way for the coming year. The United Way was the first funder to support for the CDP's Cape Community Housing Partnership and announced funding their support for a second year.
As part of the celebration, the CDP was recognized by the United Way with the Grant and Helene Wilson Award for Nonprofit Excellence. This is a distinguished award and are honored to have our work be acknowledged in this way. 
CDP's Director of Housing Advocacy Receives 40 Under 40 Award

The CDP is thrilled that one of our own was recognized last month when Cape & Plymouth Business announced the 2018 winners of its 40 Under 40 Awards.

Andrea Aldana , the CDP's Director of Housing Advocacy, was spotlighted as one of the region's top young leaders "who excel in their industry and show dynamic leadership." Aldana has worked for the CDP for over seven years, starting out as an administrative assistant. 

Andrea played a key role in the creation of the Orleans Winter Farmer's Market. Last year she was promoted to serve as Director of Housing Advocacy and now leads the CDP's Cape Community Housing Partnership and Housing Institute - which provided municipal officials and leaders with the tools and skills needed to address the affordable housing issue in their towns. This spring's town meetings showed a marked increase in the number of housing issues brought forth and voters approved over $2 Million in funding for a number of affordable housing initiatives.

Hundreds of nominees were culled down to the 40 individuals who best exemplified an entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to community service and potential to positively contribute to the future of our region.

A celebration for the awardees will be held on June 21st.

Upcoming Events and Workshops  
Cyclists Wanted... (and you don't even have to be good at it!)

We are thrilled to be a beneficiary of The Last Gasp this year! This is a 52 mile charitable bike ride from Sandwich to Provincetown, which takes place on September 16.

We are looking for riders and sponsors of "Team CDP."  Won't you join us?

S CORE Business Counseling
Looking for practical business wisdom? The CDP has arranged with Cape Cod SCORE to offer Individual Business Counseling with SCORE counselors right here in Eastham.

When & Where:
One hour mentoring sessions will be available on:
Wednesday,  June 13
 between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM
CDP Conference Room, 3 Main Street Mercantile, Unit 8 in Eastham.

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May 30 :  
Carol Connolly of Cape Mediation and Naomi Turner of Candy Manor discuss the Small Business Partnership.

June 6
Meet new CDP Board members Tom Howes of Adelphi Construction and Amy Costa of Cape Cod Kombucha.

June 20: 
Jay Gurewtsch of Solarize Mass talks about sustainability and efforts on the Cape to expand solar panel usage.
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