Wine Glasses
The ONLY collection created with a wine's flavor in mind!

Designed in a partnership with wine expert Karen MacNeil, new Flavor First™ glasses from Anchor Hocking Foodservice simplify the potentially complex world of wine and stemware by focusing on flavor.

These three shapes are precisely designed to enhance across flavor profiles, not varietals. They aren’t overly complicated. They’re simple and get straight to the point. And, the point is flavor!
The Flavor First™ stemware collection reduces the number of glasses needed to provide your guests with the optimal wine tasting experience. Selecting the proper wine glass should be as simple as drinking the wine itself. However, today's wine glass options include a glass for each varietal (too complicated) or an all-purpose white and red glass (too simple). Neither option optimizes the flavors that a person enjoys the most within a varietal. Flavor First™ is a brand-new line that combines the best of both worlds, by optimizing and enhancing the flavor of each varietal in just three shapes. For those who want to keep their profile low, there is also a "petite stem" option that is the next-generation version of the stemless glass but, importantly, with a foot to allow for swirling and easier handling. It’s also great for beer, iced tea, and select cocktails.

  • Glasses are suitable for all styles and types of wine, from inexpensive to high-end. All types of wine are respected.

  • Glasses feature modest capacities and are made of high-quality, German lead-free crystal.

  • Glasses feature a wide foot to enhance stability and make swirling the wine easy, unlocking aroma and flavor compounds for maximum enjoyment.

  • Glasses are the same height, making storage simple and efficient. Dishwasher safe.

  • Glasses are etched with the name of one of three key flavors/styles found in wine:
  • Crisp & Fresh™—This glass is designed so that the widest part of the glass is in close proximity to your nose, enhancing the perception of freshness and liveliness in wines such as pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, and rosés. This glass also enhances the aromas of Champagne and sparkling wines, while still providing ample space to swirl and “open up” such wines.
  • Creamy & Silky™—This glass has a perfectly balanced amount of surface area in contact with oxygen. The glasses’ classic egg shape enhances the perception of harmonious creamy and silky flavors and textures and is perfect for chardonnay and pinot noir.
  • Bold & Powerful™—This glass allows ample headspace for aroma molecules to gather, and abundant space for swirling. This glass also provides maximum wine surface area in contact with oxygen, helping to “open up” and soften powerful wines such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot, shiraz, zinfandel, malbec, and more.
Flavor First™ Collection, the next step forward in wine glass evolution.

Learn more from Karen MacNeil, wine professional, and author of the "Wine Bible".

Glass craftsmanship with American innovation
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The story of your brand is told through your décor, furnishings, staff, and the food you serve. These all-important elements also include the dinnerware that will best showcase your food and present your chef's culinary masterpieces. What you choose can make the difference between a spectacular and a lackluster presentation.

Dinnerware collections from 10 Strawberry Street include traditional, bold, trendy, and innovative options. Below are just a few collections that will leave your guests wanting to return time and time again.
Arctic Blue Collection

This contemporary collection of organically curved edges will create a memorable presentation with its Arctic Blue rim with natural speckles on off-white high-quality porcelain.

Firenza Collection

This collection exudes sophistication, with its organic shapes and oversized serving pieces in a mix of rustic colors. It will transform your dining room into a charming Italian-style setting.

Whittier Collection

Embodying the distinction between placing and presenting, Whittier showcases your masterpiece with soft, flowing shapes that project a progressive elegance, delighting chefs and guests alike.

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