February 16, 2019
Curry's amazing artery-opening properties...
"let food be thy medicine..."
"...certain culinary formulas, sometimes handed down through countless generations, may have indispensable value for our health. Interestingly, we find this concept echoed in the word recipe itself, whose first recorded use in Mid 16-century French literally means "medical prescription."
You've been asking... how do I make our "Shungite water..."

I purchased two of these on Amazon (Click on all of the image to see the product details). Then, I purchased the filters -below.

 I purchased four of these. This is what you do:

Rinse the stones in a stainer.

Add the stones to the coffee brew filter, close.

Put into the container, add tap water to fill. Allow to sit for about 6 hours. When the water is "ready" you'll see little bubbles along the container walls.

Keep two going, so there is always one in use and always one being prepared.

Every four weeks or so, allow your stones to sit in a sunny window for a day; this recharges them, and they are ready to reuse. Voila!
Thinking of spring and your wondrous garden?
28 Fantastic Ways to Use Neem Oil for Plants & Garden

Neem oil is an organic and biodegradable product, that is made by crushing the Neem seed, and is invaluable in the garden. It can be utilized throughout the year and acts as both a fungicide and an insecticide to add to pest control.
Also, because you've asked - how I make my celery juice!
Wash celery in cold water, allow to drain. For 16 oz use two medium bunches of celery, and use the leaves, too.
Since learning about this from a client with her remarkable and immediate results, I did my homework! I am drinking celery juice daily and recommending it to all of my clients!
Process in juicer - I purchased a very reasonably priced and efficient juicer. Click on the image for details.
Voila! - this is just part of the 16 oz, which is the recommended daily serving on an empty stomach - can then eat food as soon as in 15 minutes if you wish.
And... in the news this week...
Media Takes Low Road by Pitting Children Against Their Parents to Promote Vaccines
"The news headlines are awash with the story of 18-year-old Ethan Lindenberger of Norwalk, Ohio who, upon turning 18, decided to publicly criticize his mother for not giving him every government recommended vaccine when he was a child. A disagreement between a mother and her son turned into a media circus when Ethan publicly celebrated his 18th birthday by calling his parents “kind of stupid” and getting vaccinated. His name has appeared in articles in major newspapers such as The Washington Post and USA Today and magazines such as People. He has been interviewed on television by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and on radio by NPR’s Scott Simon. And that’s just for starters."
"A  USA Today  headline reads, “Son defies mom, chooses to get vaccinated at 18: ‘God knows how I’m still alive’. ” A similar headline in People magazine reads, “Ohio Teen Chooses to Get Vaccinated in Defiance of His Anti-Vaxx Parents: ‘God Knows How I’m Still Alive’. ” The headline in The Washington Post reads, “Unvaccinated teens are fact-checking their parents—and trying to get shots on their own.”
My Comment

"God knows how you're still alive? Is this the result, Ethan, of all of your in depth research that led you to your conclusions? That statement alone reveals you have absolutely no grasp of the brilliance and functions of the immune system, the very one GOD created to protect you.

Could you show us the studies you've been burning the candle researching, Ethan? I'd love to see them... I'd also like to stay informed about your overall health down the road, now that you celebrated your 18th birthday with vaccinations....that said, I certainly wish you well."
We made this for our Life Group last Monday... Yum...
Ashuelot Concerts - World Class Chamber Music in Keene, NH
Ashuelot Concerts believes that LIVE Chamber Music has the power to touch, transform and inspire. Through a series of world-class concerts, school-workshops, community talks and outreach performances for those in need, Ashuelot Concerts aims to promote music as a force for good in this community.
Tonight! Grab your tickets now, and we'll see 'ya there!
Czech Piano Quartets

Sat, 16 Feb 2019, 7:30 pm

The Keene Synagogue

Mahler Piano Quartet
Dvorak Piano Quartet No. 1 in D, Op. 23
Suk Piano Quartet, Op. 1

Samara Piano Quartet

$30, $25 seniors, $10 students, U18s free
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