It's fall ya'll! Football, cooler evenings, bonfires, and of course, the smell of food in the air from the beloved Fall Festival! While fall certainly brings a lot of excitement, we hope you'll learn a few exciting things in this issue. Read on for some fun talking points on a refresh of an entertainment unit we completed, a unique option for a gorgeous countertop material that you may not know much about, a new way to cook in your Wolf oven, as well as how to clean your wood cabinetry and countertops.
Clients of ours moved into their current home nearly 15 years ago. The gorgeous home had our cabinetry (built in 2003), and at the time, it all worked for the new family. Fast forward to today, with the drastic change in the sizing of TVs, the homeowners decided they wanted a refresh and to make the home more their style. So now, we want to share how their entertainment center had a makeover! Below you will find the drawing of the previous unit; a gorgeous piece with wonderful details. The second drawing is the refresh. The makeover included the addition of sliding barn doors and new spacing for the TV and storage, as well as a fresh coat of paint. Simply beautiful!
 Is quartzite a man-made or natural stone?
Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock. Are you ready for a quick science lesson? Don't worry, there won't be a quiz at the end. ;) Quartzite starts out as pure quartz sandstone. When it becomes subjected to extreme heat and pressure caused by tectonic plate compression, it then becomes quartzite. The natural stone is then able to be mined and sawn into slabs which later become gorgeous countertops.

So if it's a natural stone, is it like granite?
There are a few differences between these stones but mainly it is the color variety. Granite can come in a larger variety of color as well as much darker colors due to it being an igneous rock hardened by lava. Quartzite is also known to be slightly harder than granite, making it very durable.

How does quartzite differ from quartz?
I think pretty much everyone has heard of quartz by now; it's currently leading the way as far as countertops go. Quartz aims to look natural, but it is a man-made material. Made from mostly ground quartz, it is combined with resin and a variety of pigments to make beautiful, low-maintenance, durable countertops. And since it is man-made, the color variety is much broader.

Check out a selection of guartzite by clicking here . Under 'Search Products,' click on 'All Sub Categories,' and select 'Quartzite' to see examples.
"Broil Mode allows food to cook quickly and evenly. Watch to discover the three broil settings on your Wolf M Series oven."

Learn more about this product and much more by visiting their website here .
We get asked quite often the best method to clean our cabinetry (stained and painted) as well as our wood countertops. We strongly recommend to NOT use Pledge (or any other furniture polish) on your cabinetry or wood countertops/bar tops. Pledge can create cloudy patches as well as leave an oily residue that can actually attract more dust to your surface. Your cabinetry also requires no waxing.

So what should you do? When cleaning your stained, glazed, or painted cabinets, never use any type of strong or abrasive type cleanser. This finish may be wiped clean using a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent (like Dawn). Be careful not to use an excessive amount of water. Rinse with a cloth dampened with clear, warm water and then dry with a clean cloth.
Is the minimalist trend for you...streamlining not only your lifestyle, but home decor style? We've completed a few projects recently that favor this minimalist, contemporary style. Cabinetry completed with slab front doors finished, at times, with no hardware at all, or very sleek and nearly hidden hardware, as well as touch release options. We are seeing this style in not only painted cabinetry, but also in the wood's natural color. When talking about trends, homeowners should always keep in mind the style of your home and lifestyle when deciding on the look of your cabinetry and decor. While this minimalist look is not for everyone (or every HOME), we want our clients to know that we can 100% create the custom STYLE and DESIGN you are looking for. From minimalist and contemporary to traditional and farmhouse, we can create exactly what it is you are looking for!
"We just wanted to say that you have set a high standard. We have been doing things around the house inside and out, and nobody has the quality and expertise that the Fehrenbacher brand has. It’s hard to find that quality. Thanks for what you do."

Brad and Cindy, Haubstadt, IN