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May 2024

One Robot, Multiple Processes, No Problem

SDC Automation recently undertook the development of a large-scale manufacturing process with specific requirements: a smaller footprint, adaptability to different-sized parts, and the ability to handle multiple end-effectors for various processes. To achieve this, they choose ATI's QC-160 Robotic Tool Changers. Read more >>

ATI QC-160 Robotic Tool Changer
ATI RCE-710 and RCE-230 Radially-Compliant Electric Deburring Tools

Electrically-Powered Deburring Tools 

ATI’s RCE-710 and RCE-230 Deburring Tools are ready for a diverse array of demanding robotic material removal tasks such as rust and weld spatter removal, blending, polishing, and light grinding. Built-in compliance simplifies robot programming and compensates for part and fixture misalignments. Read more >>

Get FANUC-Ready and Simplify Complex Tasks 

Simple and seamless integration with FANUC’s Force Control Software allows ATI Force Sensing to enable your robot to tackle advanced automation processes with ease. Enjoy increased precision and process control in applications such as Mechanical and Electrical Assembly, Material Removal, Product Testing, and more. Read more >>

Small Footprint, Big Features: QC-7

ATI has developed a new standard robotic tool changing and storage solution: the QC-7. Featuring five integrated pneumatic pass-through ports, low stack height, and a 31.5 mounting interface pattern, the QC-7 is the tool changer of choice for robots in the 16 kg (35 lb) payload class. An optional ML12 module is also available to pass electrical signals for end-effector operation. Read more >>

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