From the Chair of the TeamSmile Board of Directors, John DeMark
As we look to close out 2021, we are ever thankful that we have been able to bring our onsite programs back to the communities that so desperately need dental care services. We have worked closely with local community organizers to ensure a safe environment for kids and volunteers alike.

In this year of transition we are proud to announce that we completed 16 in-person programs and served more than 2,000 children in need AND we served over 2,000 additional children through our virtual oral health education presentations and product distribution. Through these past two years, our sponsors and volunteers have stayed the course and supported TeamSmile and its mission to serve those children in need.

As we look forward – I wanted to give thanks for all our sponsors that worked with us in creative ways in these trying times. While it would have been easy to just punt until things were “normal” again – our sponsors, just like our own personal budgets have been strained to say the least these past two years. Yet, each sponsor made the choice to serve our beautiful children! Today, we are all stronger and because of our sponsors unwavering support we will be expanding our services to more communities in 2022.

As I reflect on the pandemic and what we accomplished together – I wanted to end with a clear example of how business, professional sports, universities and volunteers worked together in 2021 to deliver on our commitments to those children in need. Colgate, Purell and Dentaquest to name just a few ensured we could send dental care packages to all kids ahead of those virtual programs. The University of Buffalo School of Dentistry and Meharry Medical College of Dentistry brought their expertise and passion for dental education. And our professional sports partners and volunteers were always there to make the experience rewarding and special for each child.

We at TeamSmile are so grateful for all your contributions and look forward to our continued partnership in 2022 and beyond.

Happy Holidays to all.

John DeMark
TeamSmile Board of Directors
TeamSmile 2022 Programs
TeamSmile + Kansas City Royals-February 17, 2022
TeamSmile in Chattanooga, Tennessee-February 26, 2022
TeamSmile + Tampa Bay Rays-March 4, 2022
TeamSmile + Carolina Panthers-March 11, 2022
TeamSmile in Detroit, Michigan-June 10, 2022
TeamSmile at First Energy Stadium-July 22, 2022
2022 TeamSmile Board of Directors: New Officer Positions
Frank Koranda – Board Chair
Jim Zenk - Treasurer
Eric Shirley – Chair Elect
John DeMark – Immediate Past Chair
Chuck Stewart - Secretary
Partner Spotlight
The Delta Dental Community Care Foundation donated $100,000 towards TeamSmile programs for 2022!

“We are proud of our ongoing partnership with TeamSmile to support underserved children and improve their oral health in a fun way,” said Kenzie Ferguson, vice president of the Delta Dental Community Care Foundation and corporate social responsibility for Delta Dental of California. “Not only have we financially supported TeamSmile events across the country, but hundreds of Delta Dental volunteers have also contributed their time and energy to help demystify children’s visits to the dentist.”
Partner Spotlight

Henry Schein is proud to support the efforts of TeamSmile with financial and in-kind support for the many events taking place and impacting tens of thousands of children with more than $17 million of free dental care. We have a long standing commitment to health equity advocating for and raising awareness of the needs of underserved communities who are disparately disadvantaged for multiple reasons including access, ability to pay, race, religion, or social status. We support these communities through programs, like TeamSmile, that provide care and education around prevention and wellness.
“Henry Schein Dental and Henry Schein One are pleased to continue our support of TeamSmile, helping to ensure that children in need have access to quality oral health care. We are eager to help close the gap of health care inequities by working with an organization that continues to find unique ways to inspire, heal, and engage communities in need. Together, we can continue to ‘help health happen.’” – Navin Gupta, Vice President, Henry Schein Dental, and TeamSmile Board Member
“Henry Schein has been side-by-side with TeamSmile from the very beginning --- literally, the very first TeamSmile program in 2007. This has been a wonderful – and crucial – partnership for TeamSmile. Together, we have made a tremendously positive impact for tens of thousands of children throughout the country. In recent years, Henry Schein One has added important support for TeamSmile, and we are truly grateful. We look forward to many more years of working together to serve children in need.”
Staff Highlight
Rand Salisbury has been a team member of TeamSmile for 5 years. He first learned about TeamSmile at his annual check up with Co-Founder, Dr. William Busch. He thought the mission of TeamSmile was awesome and wanted to be a part of this great cause. Rand joined TeamSmile as the truck driver and equipment manager and quickly fell in the love with the programs and its mission. Rand is so excited to be back on the road hosting programs and to see what the future of TeamSmile holds. TeamSmile is lucky to have such a dedicated staff member like Rand.
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Please contribute to TeamSmile to help us provide free dentistry to underprivileged children throughout the country. Through our partnerships with professional and major college sports teams, we’re able to create a lifetime experience AND provide life-changing dentistry for children in great need. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.
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