SEO 101: The Beginners Playbook to Winning at Search Engine Optimization

Exclusively for Chamber Members! Courtesy of Ritter Communications

If you have heard of SEO a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization (such as Google) but need to figure out how to start, this session is for you. We will give you a beginning-level understanding of SEO and walk-through practical steps to begin your SEO journey. You will not leave empty-handed! The Ritter Communications Marketing team will share their curated SEO playbook combining background knowledge and real-life examples. You will gain:

• A working knowledge of SEO
• Why SEO is important to growing your business
• Step by step instructions to begin your SEO journey
•The best tools to use for SEO; many are free!
•The most helpful resources to use when you have a question about SEO
Presenter will be Rebecca Selby, Marketing Manager, Ritter Communications