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Eating vegan can be one of the cheapest ways to meet your nutritional needs while still enjoying a plethora of delicious food. Many of the most affordable things that many people eat, like beans and rice or peanut butter and jelly, are already vegan. Vegan staples like pasta, grains, and in-season vegetables also are affordable. 

The Vegan Society (yup, they're the ones who invented the word) has some great tips for eating vegan on a budget. Our friends at the Food Empowerment Project also offer a comprehensive guide to affordable vegan eating.

If you're up for serious savings, check out these free meal plans from Plant Based on a Budget. For more than a hundred budget-friendly recipes, check out the vegan section of Budget Bytes.

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Did you know that animal products like eggs and dairy contribute to world hunger? That's because so many resources are wasted by cycling nutrients through animals rather than eating plants directly. At present, more than a third of the world's edible crops are fed to animals rather than eaten directly by people. That's why the 2001 Forum for Food Sovereignty, a coalition of anti-hunger organizations, recommended that people in wealthy countries "reduce or eliminate" their consumption of animal products. So, by going vegan, you are helping people as well as animals and the planet. Learn more here.

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A Well-Fed World was founded in 2009 with a mission to combat global hunger, food insecurity, and unsustainable food practices. They advocate for plant-based diets as a means to alleviate hunger and address environmental and health concerns related to animal agriculture. The organization supports local food systems, offers grants to grassroots projects, and advocates for policy changes that prioritize food justice and equity. A Well Fed World plays a crucial role in the global effort to create a more equitable and sustainable food system by promoting food security, sustainable agriculture, and animal welfare.

Recipes of the Day

One of the most useful tips for eating vegan on a budget is: Beans! Packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins, beans of all colors are a key to plant-powered living. Canned beans are fairly affordable (and definitely cheaper than animal products) but you will save the most money, and have the most flexibility if you buy dry beans in bulk and cook them yourself.

Some people are scared to try that, but we've got you covered. Check out our blog post on How to Cook with Pulses, which includes links to delicious bean-based dishes, including Curried Pineapple LentilsEthiopian Split Peas, and Black Beans in Spicy Tamarind Sauce.

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