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MOVE.CHQ Internship Program

Chautauqua Health Network is excited to announce a new opportunity and is seeking student classes to help build our physical activity initiative -- Move.CHQ. Here are some quick facts on the program:

  • This opportunity is open to class sections of high school juniors and seniors.
  • The program will run from Monday April 29th, through Friday June 7th.
  • This is a virtual program, so where you complete the activities is entirely up to you!
  • It could take place in the classroom, as part of a club’s activities, as an assignment; really wherever works best for your school.
  • Each class will be assigned (or select) a physical activity and asked to identify information surrounding local: Vendors, Venues, Advocates and Associations. The team at Chautauqua Health Network will provide you with a template to get started.

Physical activity is a powerful tool to address chronic disease, so Chautauqua Health Network is committed to promoting these initiatives. We feel his is a great opportunity for students to become aware, engaged, and supportive of physical activity within their communities and also earn funding for your schools' activities.

*Participating schools will receive an additional $500 milestone through their Chautauqua Healthy Schools Program workplan.

You’re interested? We’re happy to come to talk with you and provide more information. Reach out to our team at to learn more and get started!

☀️Summer Internship Opportunity: Looking to make some money working virtually this summer? This program will continue its work and needs your help. Please share this information with your students and if interested, they can contact

Speaking of MOVING: 🚲May is National Bike Month! How is your school celebrating? Please share with us any biking events or activities! Also, May 13 - 17 will be Active Transporation Week in our area. Please stay tuned for news on events in your area! For more information see: National Bike Month | League of American Bicyclists (

Frewsburg Spork 5k, Battle of the Classes, Southwestern Triathlon and More!

CHQ schools are rocking the events in the physical activity department! Here is what's happening in our schools:

Frewsburg Spork 5K

This 3.1-mile race was organized by Brendan Devereaux and Juvenal Diaz-Cortes, two students from Frewsburg High School. The event took place on March 23rd in Lakewood. The Frewsburg students planned this event to benefit the Chautauqua Striders Athletic Programs. One of the programs the race will support is the Youth Track and Field Development Program which is designed for ages 5 to 12 years. Children learn and develop basic athletic skills during June and July. Proceeds will also benefit the Chautauqua Striders Track Club, which gives athletes ages 13-18 an opportunity to participate in USA Track and Field events as well as regional, national, and international meets. What an amazing job these students did on this event! Congratulations Frewsburg HS!

Frewsburg also has a newly remodeled beautiful pool! The pool is fabulous for water sport events and for the community to utilize for fitness and fun!

Multiple Schools: "Battle of Classes"

Many of our county schools take part in this popular, fun, and active tradition with a mission. Recently, Jamestown held their battle of the classes to raise funds for the Mental Health Assocation. Check out the article below for all the details!

Battle Of The Classes To Assist Mental Health Association | News, Sports, Jobs - Post Journal (


Trojan Triathlon takes place 5/29! Rain date of 5/30. What a great way to gear up for summer!


Quest Backpacking Club is a unique middle school outdoor education program serving several schools in the county such as Fredonia, Silver Creek and Cassadaga. This is wonderful program to get students active, engaged in nature and build self-esteem and resilience. For more information follow Quest on FB.

Interested in our amazing Blender Bike 🚲🍌🍉🍑for your upcoming wellness events? Please reach out!

Recess Time!

Recess is important to our youth as it gives them a break, time to move, socialize, and play. As many teachers know, kids who have a chance to move and be active are more focused and ready to learn. Brain breaks along with recess helps children with many aspects of their health and learning.

Recess is usually unstructured play with rules for safety of course, but often it can be where behaviors erupt and can become challenging for those supervising. Many schools are implementing an "organized" recess. This is not highly structured but provides many options for kids to be engaged in play and also offers expectations for inclusive play and opportunities for all.

Some examples of this are organized games that anyone can play, walking and talking opportunities, and rewards for going above and beyond for others/ being good playground "citizens".

"So, organized recess is an opportunity for there to be a lot of free choice, different kinds of games available, but organized in a way so that everybody has a chance to play, everybody can be included, and everyone has a chance to have fun". How Important Is Recess? | St. Luke’s Penn Foundation

Time to blow the whistle and line up? Take a few extra moments to help young students breathe, bring themselves down a few notches before heading back to desks and increased structure. Those sweaty over stimulated kids will thank you (and so will their teachers!).

Here are a few more ideas:

Buddy bench: a bench where the expectation is if you see someone sitting on the bench that means they are looking for someone to play with and you can go ask them to play or join you.

Walk and talks: having a track where students can walk and talk with peers.

Modeling: teachers/staff or high school mentors walk with young students or model healthy behaviors at recess.

Recess laps: kids walk or run on a track or other course to earn healthy rewards! This can be for a few minutes or maybe they set goals and challenge themselves with friends!

For more information, please see below:

5 Strategies for Recess Planning - NAESP

Spotlight: Affinity Group Success

Many of our CHQ schools have formed affinity groups with schools close in proximity or who are working on similar initiatives. There is always strength in numbers, and we all learn so much form each other!

Chautauqua Lake has offered to host an adventure affinity groups, and Bemus Point has teamed up to learn more about mountain biking and trails. Dunkirk and Fredonia have collaborated on how to get students more active with the daily mile. Clymer and Sherman are working on faculty wellness! Hooray! We are better together!

Data Corner: Does Youth Fitness Decrease Over Summer?

When we think of summer, we think of swimming, biking and kids running around. Is this still true? In our age of technology, working parents and lifestyle changes, how can we keep kids active in the summer, help them get good nutrition, adequate sleep and stress relief to help with self-regulation and adapting to the upcoming school schedule? Prior to the COVID 19 pandemic many students showed a decline in physical activity engagement, but this was amplified during the pandemic and continues due to many facets such as lifestyle, screen time and changes in our society.

As educators, we often recommend reading and other content work to deter learning loss. What about health loss? Summer extra credit for physical activity can be a bonus for kids, their parents and teachers. It nice to loosen the rights in the summer with our kids but maintain some sense of structure and routine gives them comfort and can help with many aspects of their physical and emotional health.

In a study by Weaver et al., 2019 the researchers sound that "The vast majority of studies show a constant decline (over summer) in strength and endurance." Three Chinese studies show an increase in strength from 1985 to 1995 and then a decline until 2014. For endurance, similar patterns were found in the two most comprehensive Chinese studies. The decline in flexibility is also evident in European countries. For agility, speed, balance, and coordination, the trend differs among populations. For more information see the study links and chart data below.

Help Kids Learn New Skills to Be Healthy During the Summer (

Creating a Summer Schedule for Kids | How to Maintain Routine (

Trends in Physical Fitness Among School-Aged Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review - PMC (

Impact of Year-Round and Traditional School Schedules on Summer Weight Gain and Fitness Loss - PMC (

Summer Weight Gain and Fitness Loss: Causes and Potential Solutions - PMC (

Upcoming Events and Programming in the CHQ:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

As part of celebrating “What's Great in Our State” during Mental Health Awareness Month, 3 workshops will be offered virtually.

Thursday, May 16th, 11 AM-12 PM | Register Here 

Empowering Resilience: Harnessing Creativity for Neurodiversity and Mental Health

  • Workshop featuring a dynamic panel of parents, youth and renowned advocates who have tapped into the power of creativity to navigate the intersection of neurodivergence and mental health. Prepare to be inspired as Bobbie Rubio and Zhara Astra; internationally acclaimed speakers, writers, and producers, share their personal journeys and insights into how expressive arts have shaped their resilience. But there’s more! Hear from youth in New York State about their personal journeys and how the use of expressive arts illuminated their paths to healing and empowerment. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn of the boundless possibilities that expressive arts offer in the face of co-occurring autism and mental health conditions.

Tuesday, May 21st, 11 AM-12 PM | Register Here

Safe Horizon Anti-Trafficking Program: Human Trafficking 101 Presentation

  • This Human Trafficking presentation is an overview of Human Trafficking, defining Human Trafficking (focusing on labor and sex trafficking); updated statistics, recognizing who may be a victim/trafficker; recruitment tactics; elements of Human Trafficking; labor and sex trafficking settings; review of red flags; intersections of human trafficking and domestic violence; forced marriage; vulnerabilities; COVID-19 and human trafficking; client/provider barriers; script for interviewing victims; available resources; referrals to Anti-Trafficking Program; roles as public service providers identifying and assisting a suspected victim; HIPAA considerations; mandated reporting; review case studies.

Wednesday, May 29th, 11 AM-12 PM | Register Here

Let’s Talk Social Emotional Learning

  • Jennifer Quinn is overseeing six evidence-based programs from Pre-K to 12th grade in the Wyandanch School District. These programs are Incredible Years, Second Step, Positive Action, Safety First, Teen Intervene, and the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P). This is the first program on Long Island to promote social emotional learning and prevention for each grade comprehensively. We believe social emotional learning is an integral part of overall mental health and development for the youth in our communities.

Northwest Arena/The Zone

(Grades K-12)

Activity Circuits and Educational Programming


  • The Zone is a 6,200 square ft. indoor, interactive play space housed in Northwest Arena. (178-person capacity). The Zone is a part of a 3-story 15,000 square ft. expansion to Northwest Arena. This unique play venue will take up the entire second floor of the addition. JRA and Cortina Productions, two world renown design agencies, are the masterminds behind the conceptual and architectural design of The Zone. (Also designed the National Comedy Center in Jamestown). While The Zone will primarily serve as a recreational facility that requires a general admission fee, there will also be the added benefit of educational and recreational programming, opportunities for school trips, birthday party rentals, as well as other youth developmental endeavors for kids ages toddler through high school.

  • Activity Stations- Ice Bumper Cars, Backyard Curling, Ice Skating, European Handball, Broom Ball, Fitness Exercises, Team-Building Games, and Free-Play.

  • Workshop Categories- Health and Wellness, STEAM Learning, Character-Building, Mental Health, Social Etiquette, Stress Management, Self-Awareness, Public Speaking, Communication, Survival Skills, Basic Home Maintenance, Personal Finance Nutrition and more…

  • *These workshop categories present opportunities to collaborate with community leaders, educators, and youth organizations. Northwest Arena has the resources and physical space to curate these programs and accommodate user groups on an individual basis. All our activities can be modified and adapted to meet the needs of all populations and we strive to create tailor-made experiences for all our guests.

  • Cost- Pricing may vary depending on length of stay, number of students attending (NW Arena staff needed for support), room rentals, ice time and whether we are providing lunch. Northwest Arena/The Zone is considered a BOCES-aidable venue under the Arts in Education Coser, making these fieldtrips reimbursable for school groups throughout New York State.

  • If you have any questions or interest regarding program offerings at Northwest Arena/The Zone please contact John Kinder- Program Director of The Zone at: or call (716)484-2624 ext. 207.

Can'd Aid Bike Build + Donation

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