February, 2019 - Inaugural Issue
Chartered Professional Marketer
Spinning a Canadian arctic yarn

Nunavut Qiviut marketing boils down to “place and promotion” to increase sales
Location north of the tree line and inside the Arctic Circle within an arctic desert presents a most challenging barrier for a small business dependent upon sales for growth below latitude 66.6 degrees N latitude. Shipping goods from Kugluktuk, Nunavut and receiving supplies is very expensive by air and water. There are no roads connecting the closest settlements.

Fibre is collected and prepared by women and men in Kugluktuk for shipment by air to mills in the south where it is processed, dyed and returned to Kugluktuk as pure and blended yarn. In Kugluktuk, the yarn is packaged and distributed to retailers in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alaska, Nunavik, and Nunavut for sale to tourists and local knitters. Nunavut Qiviut is developing the use of hand powered knitting machines from the Victorian era to knit lace shawls, scarves and a variety of other apparel for sale in retail outlets and online. These can create a new opportunity for local knitters.
November 15-16, 2018
Seneca marketing students win provincial competition
After months of hard work and dedication,  Marketing  students from the Faculty of Business, placed first overall in the 2018  Ontario Colleges' Marketing Competition  (OCMC). This win marks the first time Seneca students have placed first overall since 2006.
Professional marketing credentials matter
I learned that international recognition of marketing credentials was a valuable goal for all marketers because principles were universal, and standards evolving from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK) were something that was missing and something that professional marketers should apply in their work. And, I realized as time passed that credentials could be monetized. 

Humber's Bachelor of Commerce DECA-U Chapter takes gold
Humber College Lakeshore won gold in the Advertising and Marketing DECA U Pro vincials 2019 Conference at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel January 18 to 20. The Humber team worked with Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE) and pitched their ideas. The team of Julie Alsayed, Carly Livingston , and Samantha Beauchamp met Sean Everingham, MBA Founder and President of UFE.

DECA U Ontario strives to develop Canada’s future business leaders through our various programming opportunities – allowing them to apply prior knowledge to real-life situations they will face in the workforce.
CIMMO has partnered with the organizers of eTail (WBR) to host etail Canada in Toronto May 7-9 at the Hyatt Regency

Join us at eTail Canada 2019! Since 1999, the top retail minds have converged for eTail where they discuss the latest omnichannel retail strategies across all touch points. Over 500 senior-level retail executives from companies like Alibaba, Amazon and Best Buy will meet to benchmark, network, and discuss the future of the industry. If you want to develop a cutting-edge retail tech strategy or benefit from disruptive content and focused peer-to-peer networking, eTail is an event you can't miss.

CIMMO members qualify for the 20% discount as long as they are NOT vendors/solution providers.
Discount Code: ETC19CIMMO

Read more about eTail and register by CLICKING HERE
Marketing Ideas for the Entrepreneur
By Marnie Hughes, CPM
Marketing Communications Specialist

Do you have what it takes?
Once the decision was made to start my own business, I had to be honest in evaluating whether or not I had what it takes to succeed. Consideration was given on a number of fronts including technical skills, adaptability, handling isolation, organization skills, customer service, selling and marketing skills. Most importantly, was there a market for what I was selling? Throughout the evaluation process the decision to get started really became a matter of confidence. I’ll tell you this: the first step is believing in yourself enough to start. The details can be figured out from there.
CIMMO partners with The Business Excellence Institute (BEX)
CIMMO is officially a strategic partner with the Business Excellence Institute to promote excellence and collaborate on marketing excellence. “We are delighted to partner with the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario,” commented John Bourke, President of The Business Excellence Institute, “The cooperation will add value for our members in Canada and will benefit both organizations.”

BEX is a membership body that works to help its members – be they individuals or organizations – get outstanding results for all their stakeholders. It promotes excellence in management and the business excellence profession, and has members on 5 continents.
ZipRecruiter and CIMMO form partnership
ZipRecruiter and CIMMO have signed a partnership through which ZipRecruiter’s jobs in Marketing will be shared on its website: www.cimmo.org/jobs

  • The #1 rated job search app on Android & iOS
  • Over 7 million active job seekers each month
  • Over 40 million job alert email subscribers
  • 1,000,000+ employers have used ZipRecruiter to hire
  • Millions of job seekers and 100+ job distribution partners
  • Over 10,000 new companies subscribe every month

Growth and Innovation Since 2010
ZipRecruiter started as a tool to help small businesses distribute job postings affordably. Today it is a thriving marketplace where millions of people across the U.S. and U.K. find a better job for a better life.
CIMMO publishes Continuing Education Units (CEU) Manual and Reporting Form
To maintain the CIMMO CPM® designation, members are required to pursue ongoing marketing education and growth and to re-certify every three years.

Members must complete 40 units of continuing education every three years (each unit represents one physical hour of activity, or otherwise noted). These hours may be accumulated in many ways, including attending seminars, writing articles and participating in other activities that contribute to your professional growth.