As we welcome the start of summer – and the anticipation of vacations, family picnics and reunions, and a slower pace, we encourage you to consider opportunities of spiritual growth. Here at the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse, guided and directed retreats are being provided throughout the summer. To learn more about the programming offered, please visit the Sisters of Charity website.

From April 8-May 5, 2024, the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati joined with other regional religious congregations to sponsor a billboard message along I-75 in Cincinnati. The message read: “Put the Guns Down! Nobody is Winning. Let Peace Begin with Me.” Throughout the month the Community encouraged others to join in support. A toolkit with templates for writing an op-ed, letters to the editor or to legislators remains on the Community’s website at
We continue to keep the momentum of the campaign going as we commemorate National Gun Violence Awareness Month in June. Wear your orange June 7-9 and plan on attending one of our prayer services on Thursday, June 20. We will host an in-person and livestream option at 6 p.m. ET in the Motherhouse chapel and a virtual prayer service at 8 p.m. ET on Zoom. Please consider joining us in these endeavors; together we can build a future free from gun violence!

In these days, when news items and articles we read weigh heavily on our minds and hearts, we hope the articles you find in this issue of Charity in Motion provide you with a renewed sense of hope. Sisters and Associates are living the mission – acting justly, building loving relationships, sharing resources and caring for all creation. We hope you feel inspired as there is also much joy to share. The SC mission continues to influence and affect individuals’ lives. Summer blessings!
Important Dates

June 7, 2024               
Feast of the Sacred Heart

June 15, 2024             
Sister Sarah’s Stroll, Motherhouse campus

June 15, 2024             
Enjoy the Seasons through the Equinox and Solstice, EarthConnection program, 1-4 p.m.

June 19, 2024             

June 20, 2024             
Wear Orange prayer services, 6 p.m. ET at Motherhouse, 8 p.m. ET on Zoom

June 25, 2024            
Pride Month Prayer Service, 7 p.m. ET, Zoom
July 14, 2024             
Global Summer Lunch, 1-4:30 p.m. ET, Gallagher Student Center (Bellarmine)

July 14, 2024            
Feast of Kateri Tekakwitha

July 22, 2024             
Feast of St. Mary Magdalene
Aug. 6, 2024              
Transfiguration of the Lord

Aug. 16, 2024            
Transforming Grace prayer service, 2 p.m. ET, livestream (More information to come as date approaches.)

Aug. 18-24, 2024       
Embracing the Sacred Pauses, Spirituality Center retreat

Aug. 25, 2024            
Jubilee celebration, 10 a.m., Motherhouse chapel

Aug. 25, 2024            
Festival of Faiths, 12-5 p.m. ET, Cintas Center

Aug. 28, 2024            
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s birthday

Aug. 29, 2024            
Festival of Faiths peace walk, 7-9 p.m. ET, Ault Park

*For additional information on the above retreats, or events, please visit    
Charity News & Notes
It was a beautiful morning to celebrate the mission and legacy of St. Joseph Home Cincinnati on May 18, 2024. Sisters of Charity joined the crowd at the 25th annual St. Joseph Home Incline to the Finish Line 5k. In addition to running, walking and cheering on the participants, Sisters and Associates were able to meet many of the SJH residents, their family members as well as the dedicated staff. 
Congratulations to Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon participants – Sisters Sally Duffy, Annie Klapheke, Joyce Richter, Associate Karen Martin and Justice Promoter Mackenzie Doyle. All five runners/walkers joined efforts to raise funds for Ignite Peace.
On May 19, 2024, Federation Sisters, Associates and friends gathered for a grand finale celebration to the House of Charity in New Orleans. Guests gathered to remember, celebrate and bid a fond farewell. We offer our prayers of thanksgiving for the gift this Federation endeavor has been for so many to gather in prayer and community, service and sisterhood, and to S. Monica Gundler for her 13 years of service.
Florida Associates were busy this spring. Associates in the Spring Hill, Florida, area cooked and served food as well as collected items to assist the homeless in the county. In addition the Associates sponsored and hosted a pizza party for the last day of class for the children of Faith Formation and the volunteers of their parish. 
Bridging the Gap
EarthConnection and the Mount St. Joseph University Art Guild have been working on a unique collaboration of student-designed art pieces inside and outside of the building.
An Unexpected Journey
“A woman of spunk, spirit and hope,” Sisters of Charity Associate Deborah Rose retired as the executive director of FutureChurch in December 2023 after serving in the position for 10 years. Read More.
Love Without Borders
Sisters of Charity lovingly serve and minister with the children and parents of Proyecto Santo Niño, the growing community they have planted and fostered since 2001 in Anapra, Mexico. Read More.
Up the Line
Affiliate Karina Montes-Ayala and Pre-entrant Sandra Ramirez traveled “Up the Line” in April to learn more about the various ministries, past and present, where Sisters of Charity lived and served. Read More.
Around the Campus:
La Casa del Sol Ministry Center
La Casa del Sol Ministry Center is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and is located across the street from the Motherhouse on Bender Road. The Center reflects the Sisters of Charity’s congregational commitment to care for the integrity of creation by employing state-of-the-art sustainability technologies throughout. To learn more about how your nonprofit organization could use one of its gathering spaces free of charge, click here.
Sister Blandina, Pray for Us
Are you or someone you know in need of S. Blandina Segale’s intercession? Visit the Sisters of Charity website, or use the QR code provided, to submit your prayer intentions to Sister of Charity Blandina Segale, SC.

In addition, the Sisters of Charity Communications Office has created a packet of information for those wanting to learn more about and pray to Sister Blandina Segale. If you would like to have materials sent to you, please fill out the information provided on the web page. The packet will include an informational booklet, prayer card, novena and fact sheet. 
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