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The AMTA-GA chapter board will be presenting the following changes for membership approval at our upcoming meeting on Sept. 10, 2016 - 11:30 am, at Gwinnett College in Sandy Springs. One change we are proposing is to move from conducting elections at our annual meeting to conducting online elections.  Additional information will be provided at the meeting.  We hope you will attend and exercise you member right to vote on these changes.  Please contact Laurie Pratt - President. if you have any questions.
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                              A letter from the President

I had the honor of attending the AMTA National Board of Director's Meeting in Tampa, FL on June 11 th and came away from the meeting excited about the changes that are coming our way - restructuring the chapter board of directors, the HUB, and online chapter elections.

Restructuring the chapter board of directors
Currently our board consists of a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary.  To create consistency between chapters, beginning March first 2017, all chapter boards  will consist of a President, a Secretary, a Financial Administrator, and two Board Members.

The HUB, your volunteer connection
The other exciting change National announced is that the new HUB is ready for use.  The HUB has replaced the Intranet, our online volunteer connection.  This is a volunteer resource to help volunteers excel at their jobs through videos, files, forums, and a whole lot more.

standingOnline elections
Standing rules that have to do with election procedures must be approved by chapter members, not just the chapter board as with other standing rules.  During the break between classes on Saturday at our September chapter meeting, we will ask you, the professional member, to vote to hold chapter elections on line beginning in February 2017, much like national holds its elections. By moving our election process online, we feel more members will be able to participate, giving more professional members the option to cast their vote, especially those who could not otherwise attend our annual meeting and vote in person.  By moving to online voting we will hold the actual voting process several weeks before the annual meeting so the time spent on the membership meeting will be minimal and make for a much shorter day all the way around!  But you must be present on September 10 th to vote on this matter and have your opinion count.



On behalf of the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy, the Government Relations Committee of the AMTA Georgia Chapter is working to get the word out about CE Broker.  For this license renewal period and going forward, all licensed massage therapist must register with CE Broker to report all required CE units.  Your current license is due for renewal by October 31, 2016 .  This is a State mandate, not an AMTA mandate.
If you have any questions please email Mrs. Judy LeFave , AMTA Georgia Chapter , Government Relations Chair .

September Class & Meeting






Vivian Davis (1st VP 2016 - 2018) with Mark Hamilton 

2015 National Convention in Pittsburgh, PA

                          A letter from the 1st Vice President




Pictures from Lee Stang's
Rotational Forces Class - June 4th & 5th

Massage & Chiropractic:
Relationships In my 31 years of chiropractic practice I've worked alongside massage therapists for more than half of that time. I'm sure many of you reading this have observed that the benefit for the patient receiving the two healing arts together is far greater than the patient would experience having them applied separately. Click paragraph to read on...



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